Minnis Spokesperson inside the FNM Criminal Omar Archer gets $4,000 bail today…

Hiram Kelly and Omar Archer

BP Breaking Now| Disgraced former PM Hubert Minnis has secured the bail of $4,000 for his Spokeman Omar Archer, who was captured just last evening outside the Obeah Man house on Cowpen Road by police.

Archer is accused of beating FNM MCM Hiram Kelly to a pulp during at FNM Branch meeting causing a ruptured eardrum.

ARCHER was on the run for days until a police bulletin was released.

Police have now stepped up their presence at FNM meetings as Minnis violent Tonton Macoute goon squad are set to threaten anyone opposed to the former disgrsced leader inside the party.

Meanwhile, across the nation Bahamians are gearing up to celebrate the one year removal of the Minnis FNM Regime from power on September 16th!

We report yinner decide!