This is what a Caring Davis Government does…It uplifts the poor!


Strong Brave GOVERNMENT tells Abaco This is Your Time!

Abaco resident overcomed with tears as caring PM Philip Brave Davis Q.C and Minister Jobeth Coleby Davis deliver occupancy letters to displaced Abaco residents.

PM Davis: Yesterday I joined Minister Jobeth Coleby Davis in giving assignment letters to residents in Abaco from this administration’s housing programme on the island.

We are making steady progress in Abaco. We have changed the law, to facilitate quicker settlement of insurance, banking and other commercial claims.

We have completed the technical phase of the new Abaco Hurricane Shelter.

We have helped people begin to move out of the domes, to cleaner, safer homes. It has not been easy, or perfect, but it is an important step in moving forward. Where the domes stand now, there will soon be new housing, which is so badly needed.

We have just launched a revamped ‘Homeowner Assistance and Relief Programme’, to provide real, urgent help to people, and do away with the chaos, confusion and unnecessary bureaucracy which came before.

Davis Cabinet delivers on promise to stand with the people following Dorian three years ago.
PM Davis gas come to Abaco with gifts in hand for the People.