Mitchell responds to FNM Chairman’s Jan. 7 Statement


Carl Culmer

Fred Mitchell, Chairman of the PLP responds to the 7th January statement by FNM Chairman Carl Culmer:

There is a Bahamian saying when you’re dumb you’re dangerous. We can think of no better way to start in response to Carl Culmer, the hapless and hopeless Chairman of the FNM. You can always tell a political scoundrel when you see that he cannot respond to policy ideas but has to resort to personal ad hominem attacks. Poor Carl Culmer, he doesn’t realize it bless his heart that 35 to 4 in the House of Assembly does not confer intelligence on him. He is once again blind, deaf and dumb to the facts.

Let us take his accusation about corruption in the PLP. We say prove it.

What we know is that the FNM is now engaged in victor’s justice by locking up their political opponents and hauling them before the courts. What we also know is the UBP which was the foundation of the FNM was dispatched from office for taking bribes from those who wanted casino gambling in the Bahamas. What we also know is that those FNMs who were PLPs, were expelled from the PLP because many of them were involved in corrupt behaviors, one of them selling the National Insurance Building unlawfully and another stealing the money collected to create a cultural village. Those facts are incontrovertible. So don’t go there about corruption.

If you want to talk about corruption, talk about an FNM Minister who sits in Cabinet today who is an admitted tax cheat, another MP who is an admitted tax cheat, another FNM MP who is disbarred in the United States for misappropriation of clients funds, another MP of the FNM who sat in Cabinet and gave himself a contract not once but twice , and the Prime Minister himself who has a contract given to his company while he was a sitting Minister. What about the FNM Minister whose party was paid for by a touristic establishment, the missing money at Bahamasair under the FNM and the education contracts scandal under the FNM.

If you keep this up, we will call names next.

As for the rest of the statement, it contains false and idle promises that the FNM cannot and will not deliver.

Please Mr. Culmer, you are acting like a spoilt child. Go sit down and take a time out.