Money for Digital Upgrade at ZNS never make it to the Treasury?


Over a quarter million dollars marked for ZNS contract VANISHED!

Nassau, Bahamas — Someone in the finance department could find themselves on the wrong side of the law and, from documents shown to us, could find themselves in a whole heap of trouble when the government changes.

Sources in the OPM showed Bahamas Press documents where equipment destined for an upgrade of a government department was released from Customs without a single dime paid to the treasury.

Sources confirm to us the corruption and scandal out of the Finance Department stinks beyond the clouds and the man they call Papa has not done a damn thing about it.

Now you would remember when Mona VIE incident rolled around. Papa Clown was all over the TV telling people if he found someone attempting to defraud the government they would go home today! He never sent Laing home though.

And now he says if he found a minister’s hand in the cookie jar he ga CHOP IT OFF! Well, let’s see what he will do about this?

As we said earlier, documents discovered deep in the garbage tin of the Finance office revealed to BP a letter signed out of the Financial Secretary’s office promising payment to the Customs department for the duty payable on an upgrade at ZNS.

But the items are being purchased by a private contracted company and not the government!

A letter by the Minister orders the release of the items from Customs without payment!

What is this?

Now get this, ZNS issued the contract to a private firm for the upgrade in December last year.

Kit Digital has been awarded a $2.4 million ($2,447,081.51) contract to design, engineer and install ZNS’ digital television facility in New Providence.

An additional $2.6 million ($2,641,850) has been approved for the acquisition of a mobile TV vehicle, the digital upgrade of ZNS television facilities in Grand Bahama, supplemental work necessary to accommodate the upgrade, and staff training.

The money is part of a $5 million allocation the Government of The Bahamas has approved for the overall upgrade of ZNS television facilities from analog to digital.

So how is it after hiring a firm to do the work, the government could get involved in instructing Customs to release items for the upgrade brought in by the firm?

Documents shown to Bahamas Press reveal some $272,490.14 owed to Bahamas Customs has yet to be paid by the private company or the government.

Equipment totaling some $968,120.11 was brought into the country for the work.

Only BP does expose these things!

The wutless gutless media in the country are only concerned about holograms, spirits and ghosts attending rallies.

Boy, we are in trouble. A Government in the Sunshine my ***!