More public servants set to be sent home as money is tight and the Minnis Regime struggles to meet commitments….


Two more sent home from Mortgage Corporation Thursday…

Da WUTLESS Minnis-Led Government.

Nassau| The Minnis Government is taking advice on a major downsizing /rightsizing exercise across the public service, BP has been reliably informed.

Sources deep inside the government tell us, “The Bahamas Government is about to commence a major rightsizing exercise and many public officers could be offered/ asked to take an early retirement.”

BP understands major discussions have begun on the decision to send hundreds of Public Servants home.

We can tell you the decision has already been reached by a number of high-ranking staff at the Department of Immigration and today – just today – inside the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation two persons were sent on leave with notice of their employment pending.

BP can confirm those BMC employees to be Brian Albury and Nikita Curtis who were both sent home abruptly this morning.

Last week three top senior police officers, Emmerick Seymour, Clarence Reckley and Stephen Dean, were all invited to leave at the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Already the Minnis Government terminated the services of more than 5,000 workers since coming to office back in 2017. Additionally, scores of workers at the Gaming Board, BAIC and at the National Insurance Board were all relieved of their duties.

In January 2018 Minister for Finance K. Peter Turnquest told Bahamians all he saw was joblessness as revenue plummeted, taxes increased by 60% and unemployment climbed from single digits to 10.8% in just 22 months of the Minnis Government.

All is not well in the Bahamian economy and the times are about to get rough.

We report yinner decide!