Red Cross Fair must keep up with the times and allow tickets to be bought via credit and debit cards!


Why y’all want only cash and Bahamians don’t travel with cash? Will the Red Cross Fair modernize and be open to CHANGE this year?

Red Cross Fair. File Photo

Dear Editor,

I want to add my two cents to the 2019 Red Cross Fair committee, which I believe should modernize its way of making money.

I came to the fair last year with about $25 in my pocket, having just returned from a funeral on Saturday afternoon. After paying the entry fee and stopping to one booth, I realized I was already out of cash and only had my cards in my wallet.

Thinking that, with bankers collecting the cash, someone would have a mobile card reader so I could purchase more tickets, was I surprised that no one in the bank [at the fair] had any card readers so I could purchase more tickets. And here is the problem with the Fair: people quickly run out of funds and the fair is not friendly to the fact that persons just like me do not carry around much money.

As a supporter of the Annual Red Cross Fair, please this year get with the times. Think of providing modern means to access cash at the fair this year please. This year I am coming only with my card and if you people are not ready and prepared to introduce payment via visa – then tough love!

See yinner at the Clifford Park grounds this April 6 – Sunday, April 7, 2019.