More to the crisis now unfolding in BPL – Hired IT Director at BPL has no qualifications!


Executive Chairman of Bahamas Power and Light Patrick Rollins and CEO Whitney Heastie. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

Nassau – BP is learning CEO Heastie has hired an IT Director formerly from Grand Bahama Power. The individual does not even have ONE DEGREE in IT Technology or a related field. We doubt the individual is able to turn on a computer.

The only traits that have come with the hire is that the individual is both “arrogant and incompetent”! Heastie hired the new Director over two fully qualified senior IT specialists within BPL, who have over 20 years of experience and who both have Masters degrees in Technology. WELL, WAIT!

The new IT Director also made application for a licensed handgun under the lie that he needed to assist with cash collections in the Family islands of BPL’s offices, which has nothing to do with his job. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

This request was investigated by police, and detectives uncovered this boldfaced lie.

Subsequently, the entire senior team in IT have left, leaving only two junior technicians in the department. Well, we are in Trouble!

We report yinner decide!