More violence returns deep inside the FNM as blood poured from a party supporter Tuesday evening…


FNMs draw blood on each other at Public School

NASSAU| Former Leader sends his goons squad to beat up Pintard supporters at FNM Golden Isles Tuesday meeting.

A meritorious council member of the FNM has lost the hearing in one ear as violence erupted at a meeting to elect executives for the branch. It was good that Duane Sands was at the meeting to stabilize the victim from going into shock as blood poured from the Pintard supporter.

Duane Sands confirmed the FNM on FNM violence and reported that the matter has been reported to police.

More violence is expected inside the FNM in the coming days. Dey trying to kill each other in the FNM! We warned yinner…Minnis is not going anywhere!

We report yinner decide!