Violence erupts deep inside the FNM one year since its crushing defeat!


FNM being destroyed from within by goons connected to former leader Minnis…

Former FNM Leader Hubert Minnis.

BP Breaking| Hiram Kelly has lost sound in one ear after being violently attacked and struck by Minnis goon squad leader Omar Archer.

A police report has been filed and we have yet to know if anyone has been arrested.

Violent Archer physically assaulted MCM Kelly at a branch meeting Tuesday evening.

The fight over the leadership of the FNM will go deep as Minnis plans on never giving up the controls.

Some believe the goon squad of Minnis has been given directives to beat, injure and burn any FNM who try to stop their return. Well it looks like you will have to carry weapons when attending an FNM meeting these days.

This is what happens when you welcome criminals within your ranks!

Anyway all we tell the FNM is this: Dis GA Be Long!