Move to block McCartney could force a breakaway inside the FNM


Nassau, Bahamas BP sources deep inside the FNM have sent a shocking piece to us and all we could say is this: “The cannibals are eating the baby inside the FNM.”

Scandalous news emanating from the walls inside of the Free National Movement confirms a ‘political bloodbath’ is eminent; as the Party hierarchy is crafting a plot to unseat the popular MP for Bamboo Town, Branville McCartney.

Party insiders have confirmed to Bahamas Press maneuvers now underway could destabilize the organization and cripple its chances of being elected at the next general elections.

Further the source told BP: “The move to cannibalize McCartney could force five already disgruntled MPs to shift the balance of power within the Parliament and form for the second time in our history a coalition government in the Bahamas; possibly crowning Perry Christie Prime Minister in the mid-term of Hubert Ingraham’s reign.”

Bahamas Press has learned efforts are now underway to move McCartney’s constituency boundaries outside areas known to him. They are also plotting, we are told, to not make Mr. McCartney aware of those boundaries changes until very late before the ‘big dance’, thereby slimming his chances to canvass the area in time.

Sources close to the alleged plot now afoot noted: “They are proposing to move large sections of Bamboo Town and place them into a section of the old Golden Gates constituency, thereby forcing a head to head battle between popular PLP MP, Shane Gibson and McCartney. The move is clearly set to make slim Bran’s return to the Parliament and thus chopping off his political legs.” But will this work?

Sources close to team Branville said when contacted on these events, “Mr. McCartney is not a divider but a unifier. His call is to service is to the People and therefore he is not concerned as to what may befall him. The mandate will be passed over for the People to decide who they seek to lead them moving forward, and Mr. McCartney is ready and prepared to offer himself once again in service to the People of the Bahamas.” But will factions supporting McCartney for the leadership of the FNM sit idle at the plot to retire him politically?

An MP angered with moves by the Party’s hierarchy said, “Five plus one makes six and perhaps if indeed there is an attempt to amputate the ‘political legs’ of our finest MP by those who seek to lead the FNM, then we will have the magic number to crown Christie Prime Minister of the Bahamas without going to an election.

“This will make Ingraham the first government in the history of the country to not have lived out its full term; forcing the formation of a coalition government between six independent MPs and 17 PLP MPs.

News of this late breaking story has already sent shock waves inside the walls of the FNM, which we are told is set to elect a committee to oversee the preparations for a November 2010 Convention.

Carl Bethel, Chairman of the FNM

If the conclave is confirmed and not postponed as speculated by Chairman Carl Bethel, the organization could face the bloodiest fight in its history of Conventions for the top post of Party Leader.

Whispers have it McCartney will contest the leadership post no matter who offers, and we are told support for his bid is building inside and outside the organization.

However, with this breaking news coming late Saturday evening, whether a Conclave is called or not, it could spell trouble for the FNM leadership.

McCartney resigned from the Ingraham Cabinet on March 1st where he issued a press statement stating, “The factors that motivated this, run the full gamut of issues and emotions; some more compelling than others. In the forefront are my feelings of stagnation and inability to fully utilize my political potential at this time…it is also my belief that our current political system is headed in the wrong direction…respect must be the order of the day no matter your political persuasion.”

BP has learned the government is set to appoint the Boundaries Commission this October. We have learned Tommy Turnquest and Charles Maynard will represent the Government on that committee. It is also speculated PLP Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, will represent the Opposition.


  1. The factions trying to deride and destroy Mr. McCartney’s chances in the next election should know that the young PLP’S And the young and old FNM’s are watching to see what they do to this patriotic young man,in order for them to decide how they vote and who governs this country in 2012.

  2. BP you undercover PLP’s (ANDREW BURROWS) This is so funny. I know the ignorant, illiterate, inner city folks that are know for spreading GOSSIP and RUMOR like the SWINE FLU are behind this. What credibility do you guys have as you always say our “sources” THIS IS A LAUGHING STOCK! I am a 27 year old INTELLIGENT young man and any other person with ANY SENSE would read this and say WOW how LOW Can PEOPLE GO!

    • No everyone and they mama knows BP is not Andrew Burrows and you should leave that young man ALONE! He owns a website called and is always wailing the FNM’s gluteus maximus. BP on the other hand put the feet of the PLP and the FNM to the fire. And if ya get in our way we will burn it off.



  4. You do not “think” Willard, so isn’t that your right to? We report you decide.

    Keep reading…


  5. Is this the same breaking news that was going to be revealed the other day naming the persons.

    I do not know what to say other then the fact that I do not think that there is any truth to this.

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