MP has a bad case of verbal diarrhea in Parliament and warns residents to take shorter showers to conserve electricity?


MP for Central Grand Bahama Iram Lewis.

Nassau – Another MP with verbal diarrhea told Parliament today that Bahamians should take cowboy baths to conserve electricity.

Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis was speaking in Parliament when he made the dumb suggestion to Bahamians.

Lewis said Bahamians should take shorter showers and do what he recalls as cowboys when showering. The MP went further to tell how he recalls placing a tub in the sun to get it warm and just pour it over his head.

Just a few weeks ago, communities across the country were being disconnected from water supply for nonpayment. So imagine those who don’t even have to worry about a heater to to make hot water.

We also learned today that several police officers on the island were experiencing their water supplies disconnected because of the Ministry of Finance’s failure to pay resident leases on time.

Taxes are climbing, Doctors are striking, austerity is kicking in and the Government of the day is looking for contracts to fill the coffers of Brent Symonette.

Meanwhile, some delusional FNM MPs are having bad cases of verbal diarrhea.

We report yinner decide!