MP’s cousin doesn’t know if he had access to Elite account

Rashae Gibson


NASSAU| In her testimony today, Rashae Gibson, the cousin and former co-defendant of Free National Movement (FNM) MP Adrian Gibson said she did not know if Gibson had access to the bank account of Elite Maintenance, a company that was awarded contracts by the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC).

However, she said he may have had access to the account through his then-girlfriend Alexandria Mackey.

Under intense cross-examination, she initially confirmed that both she and Mackey, Gibson’s then-girlfriend, had access to the account and possessed debit cards.

However, she later contradicted herself, claiming that she did not have access to the account nor a debit card.

This inconsistency prompted defense attorney Geoffrey Farquharson to caution the witness about lying under oath.

Ms. Gibson said she was never informed by Mackey about the significance of the documents she signed or the implications of being a shareholder of Elite Maintenance.

She testified that there was no formal board meeting, and she signed documents without any discussion.

She also mentioned the strained relationship between Adrian Gibson and Alexandria Mackey, attributing their estrangement to Mackey’s alleged theft.

She clarified that her own relationship with Mackey was unaffected by this discovery; it was the Long Island MP who reacted to Mackey’s actions.

Defense attorney Damian Gomez challenged Ms. Gibson’s testimony, accusing her of lying and suggesting her statements were influenced by an immunity agreement.

Ms. Gibson denied this, maintaining that her testimony was truthful. She also stated she did not recall opening an account for Edwilina with Leonardo Gibson.

Adrian Gibson is on trial with four others. Prosecutors allege he failed to declare his interest in contracts awarded by WSC during his time as executive chairman. He is also accused of using the funds from those contracts to purchase properties and vehicles.