Mr. Maurice Glinton Q.C. imprisoned following a Contempt Ruling by the Court of Appeals!


Q.C. Arrested!

Maurice Glinton QC
Maurice Glinton QC


Nassau, Bahamas — Supreme Court Justice Carolita Bethel refused in the early hours of today Sunday 10th October an application for habeas corpus filed on behalf of Maurice Glinton QC who was jailed on a bench warrant on Friday 9th October.

Mr. Glinton remains imprisoned in a police lock up reportedly in Cable Beach. His legal team continues to work on the issue.



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  1. Our forefathers/ the founders of this great nation fought day and night relentlessly, enduring many sweat and tears so that we, Bahamians, black and white, rich and poor with no regard for the color of our eyes can enjoy the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. For this we are grateful to them. Great Patriotic Bahamians, against all odds and in the face of much adversity, abandoning family and friends, these esteem leaders went to London and secured a document called The Constitution of the Bahamas. This document should be sacred to all Bahamians, it is by this document we rule.
    In lay man’s term the current brewing scenario seems to be this…..Bro. Maurice Glinton, attorney, appeared before the appeal court to represent his client. Apparently, the court in question was not properly constituted in accordance with the constitution, Article 102 in part read as follows;
    102. (1) Subject to the provisions of paragraph (4) to (7) (inclusive) of his
    Article, a Justice of Appeal shall hold office until he attains the age of sixty-eight
    Provided that the Governor-General, acting on the recommendations of the
    Prime Minister after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, may permit a
    Justice of Appeal who attains the age of sixty-eight years to continue in office
    Until he has attained such later age, not exceeding seventy years, as May
    (Before the Justice of Appeal has attained the age of sixty-eight years) have
    Been agreed between them.

    Bro. Clinton’s appears to support his position relying on Article 102 among others, his seems to be simply this; based on the constitution of the Bahamas the Appeal Court of which he was before was not properly constituted….. The court was not operating in accordance with the constitution…in other words he was allegedly being ask to participate in an illegal activity.
    Granted that the Judiciary is and independent body and should be allowed to function as such, and; not withstanding that Mr. Maurice Glinton is an honorable man, a respected Bahamian, a distinguish Advocate and a Champion of the soil, the fact of the matter is justice for all and all for justice (if one is abused all is abused).
    When will Bahamians be protected in the Bahamas?; imagine if M. Glinton, a constitutional warrior, can be arrested, jailed and deprived of his constitutional rights and freedom then what about the small man. If this is allowed then what?, Unspeakable.
    Where the Bahamian leaders are during this grave constitutional blunder, during this apparent malicious attack on one of us (cant here from the PM., Opp. Leaders, B. Turner, Rev. C. Moss, Fred Smith and all the peoples’ “mouthy reps”.) Where will we find justice if not from the courts, then, our leaders and if not from our leaders then the courts? “Lord help us in our own country” we have no place to go.
    The Bahamas is for Bahamians and those we invite; we refuse to have our rights trampled on when we display our intelligence, when we merely uncover and expose erroneous.
    These are the kinds of acts that should bring every Bahamian to his/her attention, these types are worth gathering on bay street in numbers, men women and children as a colossal display to the powers that be chanting “we refuse to go backwards, we refuse to loose what we fought so hard for”.
    All the participants allegedly involved in this attempt to perpetrate this unlawful act (false court) should be arrested immediately because they are the real malefactors.

    We must demand the immediate release of our brother, father son….M. Glint on, release him now, immediately and explain it to us later

    • Maurice Glinton is exactly where he deserves to be!! I can’t say it any better than that! No one is coming to rescue him, because he does not deserve rescuing. He is a LIAR and Thief! I hope he rots in JAIL!

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