Murder #167th since 2009 – Woman Shot dead in Step Street just minutes ago



Nassau, Bahamas — There is BREAKING NEWS in the Step Street area of FOX HILL at this hour. Just an hour ago Bahamas Press has learnt a woman believed to be in her late 20s early 30s was shot in the head.

BP has just learned police are now on the scene and has opened a homicide investigation. The deceased is confirmed as, Sharia Curry, a mother of a young boy, who was also shot in the leg. It is believed the incident is a result of crossfire in the area.


  1. agree swift justice is needed and more prison space….maybe outsourcing the new prison on eleuthera or grand bahama could create more private sector jobs

  2. Bail isn’t for the goons. Bail is for you and I just in case we were falsely accused. Still there must be some room to tighten up access to bail when you have repeat offenders or clear evidence that could otherwise lead a magistrate to summarily conclude an accused was guilty. The tough thing is how do you define how to make that conclusion. It’s not easy. I think the best thing to do is to just start the prosecution so soon after an arrest the accused won’t have time to commit the next crime.

  3. It is so ironic that the Parliament passed a law related to dogs but is clueless in passing a law that would restrict bail or hasten the appeal process for convicted murderers.I am still waiting to hear from the Leader of the Govt speaking out on the carnage we are experiencing.

  4. This is a New Bahamas:
    Rebels causing mayhem in front of ALL entities that should bring LAW & ORDER in this country:
    I guess The Commissioner of the RBPF feel like the “Rodney Dangerfield” of the Bahamas; as criminals, AND HIS fellow officers seems to shows him no respect at all:
    The Rebels shows:
    NO respect for the Supreme Court
    NO respect for the the House of Parliament
    NO respect for the Prosecution Office
    NO respect for the Central POLICE STATION NO respect for the Police officers in charge
    NO respect for the Cruise Ships and Tourist that visits our shores.
    NO respect that the PRIME MINISTERS is out of town. In fact this is the second time Mr. Ingraham leave town and chaos broken out in the heart of town.
    “PAPA HURRY COME BACK.” The country seems to be headed down a slippery slope with the adversary on our heels.
    Now I see why the British insist, not to allow misfits in the heart of town.
    Yes, something must be done.
    Now I see why the POLICE WOMEN give that goon a bullet the other day.

  5. What’s so disrespectful about information? factual information at that. This incident happened in her neighborhood not at some remote area far far away or abroad. Her family were the first to fimnd out. We backward Bahamians need to stop living in the stone age. If the media has information then I say reveal it . That is much better than leaving readers guessing and spreading false information .

  6. Its is sad but BP you really shouldn’t publish the decease name until official identification, its disrespectful.God help us all!

  7. This is really sad… scary too… where are all of these guns comming from? it seems like everyone have one and the latest fashion is to carry it around with you. The police really need to do something more than what they are doing now about the amount of guns on the streets.

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