Murder at Government House! Was the killer holding a licensed weapon? What was known about his mental condition…


An Inquiry must be had to examine the security arrangements of Government following the murder of two officers assigned to the STATE FACILITY….

Government House

NASSAU| A Defence Force Marine is now in CDU being questioned for his actions this morning.

Bahamas Press can now confirm that Javon Seymour exhibited serious signs of of mental trauma sometime around 3am this morning as he fired some five times on Petty Officer Philip Perpall, killing him dead. Seymour was eventually subdued and arrested for the 23rd homicide incident in the country.

Why was Seymour issued a weapon if his mental state was not sound?

What kind of procedure is there in the armed forces of the Bahamas to examine and test officers exhibiting serious mental issues?

And what would this be today had Seymour, while in the course of his duty [with a service issued weapon], committed a similar act on the representative of the QUEEN?

Petty Officer Philip Perpall gunned down on Government Hill security breach Sunday morning.

Bahamas Press is calling on the Minnis Administration to begin an inquiry into these developments! A Crown investigation must be had on this issue of the mental state and readiness of men and women in armed services of the country!

Was Seymour on any drugs? Was he being treated? Who knew of his conditions? And if they knew, why was he not assigned to some desk duty? Why was he brandishing a registered weapon? Was the weapon a government service issued weapon?

We must know these things. And if yinner don’t investigate these questions in the interest and safety of the general public, then we at BP will have to send and prepare letters to HR Majesty Queen Elizabeth II! Something has to be wrong with this picture!

ADC to the Governor Carlis Blatch with GG Dame Marguerite.

Just in September last year the Governor General’s ADC Carlis Blatch was shot and murdered outside H. O. Nash.

We report yinner decide!