Another Bahamas Corrections Officer drops down dead tonight! 

Cpl Sheron Murphy

Why are so many officers assigned to the Prison Services dying or becoming ill?

NASSAU| Another Prison Officer has been found dead this evening and this appears to be a pattern.

Information reaching our newsroom confirms a young officer related to Corrections Commissioner, Cpl. Sheron Murphy, who was assigned to the Records Department at the facility, was found dead at home tonight. 

It is still unclear as to what is the true cause of his sudden death but an investigation is underway.

A number of Prison Officers have mysteriously died recently and, in fact, two doctors assigned to the facility died just months apart a few years back. No one is saying anything and, well, we carry on.

What is causing all these deaths of the Prison Officers concerns BP. And why there is no Inquiry into these sudden incidents is indeed troubling.

We convey our sympathies, however, to the family of the deceased.

We ga report and let yinner decide!


  1. Another senseless killing in that country. The education system in that country must be PROFOUDLY poor! 91% of the killings in that country are by poorly educated people. What’s wrong with the education system in that country? Too many murders for a country with sooooooo few people!

    • Test the education in your country. You might even be more shocked that some don’t even know who is the leader of the country. At least in the Bahamas we do! Even the horse and buggy rider knows who is the PM HERE! LOL!

  2. what is wrong with you.. this is why we have issues in this country. We are trying to build a country. Violence have no place in our society.

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