Western Union Robbed on Monday! Police COP Plan 2019 is working! [SAY NOTHING!]


BP BREAKING| Bahamas Press is CONFIRMING that we have had a major robbery at a money wire transfer company right here and the Royal Bahamas Police Force have yet to update the press.

YOUR BP can confirm that Western Union money transfer service out near Old Fort Bay inside the pharmacy in Western New Providence was robbed of an undetermined amount of cash big Monday. The robber, who we believe did not act alone, took the cash and hauled @$$ out the store.

One person witnessing the incident ‘pissup dey sef’ and forget what they went to the location to do, having feared seriously for their life.

The Police Commissioner’s 2019 Crime Plan is indeed working. It outlines a plan to report no crime to citizens (even murder)! When is the public going to see that the silence of crime reports tell us only one thing…that crime is not down but crime reporting is.

But we ga keep reporting and let yinner decide!