Murder in famous Buttonwood Ave. Pinewood this morning – Victim shot in the eye


Murder numbers climb by three this week – Slaughter on the streets continue!

Nassau, Bahamas — Detectives have wrapped up another murder in the capital this time in the Pinewood area.

file photo

According to police sometime around 9am this morning gunshot rung out in the Buttonwood Ave. area of the troubled community. There police discovered an the young male with a single gunshot wound to the eye.

We can tell you a 49-year-old male and a 21-year-old male of Pinewood Gardens community are at this hour in Custody assisting police with their investigations into this latest homicide

According to police reports, it is believe all three men – including the deceased – were involved in an argument on St. Luke’s Avenue and Buttonwood Street when one of the suspects being fatally shot to the head deceased, and another man shot in the shoulder.

We can confirm the victim who was shot in the arm, fled the crime scene and was later rushed to hospital via EMS where he is detained in serious condition [Filling up the small trauma room].

Moments following the murder police arrested the 49-year-old male in the area in connection with the murder. Police also arrested the 19-year-old in connection with this matter after they found him in possession of a handgun; believed to be the murder weapon.

This is the third murder for the week.

We report yinner decide!