Murder in St. Albans Drive early Monday morning


BREAKING UPDATE<<< Bahamas Press now confirms the 459th murder victim to be 32 year old Humphrey Tynes. AKA BOY! Someone called him outside and the next thing heard was BAM BAM BAM! Fatal shots the left the young man dead in the street. WE REPORT YINNER DECIDE!

Murder number four hundred and fifty-nine since 2007

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News Happening RIGHT NOW!!!! Bahamas Press is reporting gunshots have been fired in the St. Albans Drive vicinity, which has resulted in the death of an unidentified young male at this time.

Just minutes ago the incident happened where we are reporting from the scene of the country’s 459 murder since 2007. Detectives are gathering at the scene as we write.

BP is also reporting a traffic mishap in the Goodman’s Bay area, which occurred late Sunday night.

We are live on the scene at the murder where residents are gathering in the street!

Crime and the fear of crime has spiral out of control in the Bahamas. Blood is freely flowing in the street and the government is paralyzed to do anything about it. Tommy Turnquest and the FNM gats ta GO!