Will Ingraham ring the bell this week?


Ethric Bowe

Writer asks will PAPA CLOWN find some courage to RING DA DAMN BELL?


Hubert Ingraham will dissolve the house this week. He will ring the bell. Right now he is trying to play his last power games. He is running scared now. He is perhaps the smartest politician in the country. He is the Muhammad Ali of politics. But he is past his prime. Trevor Berbick is about to put a whupping on him.

He is scared!

He is uncertain.

He has no honour. Unlike Muhammad Ali, who took his whupping like a man, Hubert is ducking and hiding. Running scared and acting like a girl. Oh how the great leader has fallen.

His legacy is clouded with corruption and dishonor and traitorous shame. He has done the Bahamas a disservice. When the history books are written, he will go down worst than Judas or Benedict Arnold.

But his options are being taken away day by day. He has to face his record.

He dealt away BTC. Now the service from BTC is the worst than it has ever been. Hundreds of former BTC employees are out of work. The company he gave BTC away to has made more than the $200 million+ dollars they paid for BTC in less than 9 months.

He devastated New Providence businesses and the Bahamian economy with his political roads program. He wasted millions of dollars spending money on the wrong thing at the wrong time. He cooperated with the Interamerican Development Bank to make The Bahamas a poor country. We are so poor that we had a dengue outbreak and are now seeing episodes of malaria.

If you vote FNM after having dengue fever perhaps you should experience it again. It is like there is a curse on The Bahamas under his leadership.

The Hubert Ingraham government allowed dredging of the sea park – destroying the environment to allow his friend to bring in his huge boat. HAI sold our heritage for a bowl or stale porridge. Just so he and his ministers could fly around in luxury helicopters.

HAI allowed illegal immigrants to roam the country freely building shanty towns wherever they like. There is a massive shanty town on Faith Ave North that has been reported to every government agency. But nothing can be done because they are Hubert’s people. He is depending on their vote to skew the election. HAI is prepared to destroy everything Bahamian to remain in power even if his victory is tainted. That is why they are raising the sideshow in Andros over voters. So if they win and people refuse to respect the victory, he can say the PLP cheated too. But in this country there will be hell to pay! HAI will not steal this election!

HAI and his government are giving citizenship to people who have no address and cannot speak English. Check how long it takes for his special people to get passports. Natural born Bahamians cannot get passports that quickly.

He supervised MPs who insulted our old people calling them geriatrics when HAI is a geriatric. The mark of a civilized society is how they treat the old people. We try to tell our old people they should relegate themselves to the trash-heap of history. Only visionless, spent leaders should be relegated to the scrap heap of history.

Do not forget the things HI has done. When he rings the bell this week, let’s focus and send him home.

We hope HAI lives a long life so he can suffer like he has caused so many Bahamians to suffer. Leaders who abuse their people should have a special place to go.