NAD employee gets caught trafficking 15 packages of cocaine through LPIA


Super COP, Ellison Greenslade is the man who is cleaning up the streets of the entire Bahamas!

Major sting operation has several employees under heavy watch!

Nassau, Bahamas – An employee at NAD must soon answer charges before a magistrate, telling the court what was he doing with cocaine in his luggage.

We can report the worker at the airport facility is one of several now being watched closely by the Royal Bahamas Police Force who is making every effort to kick crime in the hip.

Sources deep at LPIA – who are a part of the undercover sting operation now underway – tell us that, acting on intelligence gathered, sometime around 4:15 pm on Wednesday a team of officers from the airport police station proceeded to the United States Departure Lounge of Sir Lynden Pindling Airport Tarmac. There was a Bahamasair Flight # 205 registration number C6BFE that was inbound to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The officers cautioned and arrested a passenger from Winton Meadows. A search of the suspect’s checked luggage (a Forest Green Dockers Pullman bag), revealed packed amongst the clothing fifteen (15) packages of suspected cocaine with a total weight of 40.2 pounds. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

BP once again hails the COP Greenslade for his stellar work on taking a bite out of crime in the Bahamas. We now ask the force to organize a special task force at a dock on Paradise Island where suspicious and nefarious activities begin every day at 2AM as packages move back and forth at a marina over there.