Nah what the hell is this? ZNS LOOKING FOR PEOPLE?

ZNS advert now on TV for a web producer in the newsroom.

BREAKING NEWS <<< ZNS Advertises Vacancies???

Nassau, Bahamas — Live on the ZNS network has been a series of ads lately promoting vacancies at the Corporation.

Today ZNS is advertising the needed services of a Librarian and a Web Producer in the news department.

Now what the hell is this? Didn’t ZNS in October layoff almost 90 workers? Wait lets put the question this way. Didn’t the FNM Government fire almost 90 staff members at ZNS because they said the Corporation was too fat and needed to be trimmed? So what happen now?

Members of the WUTLESS media in the Country has no damn shame! They sat by and watched workers at ZNS get pick off one by one, and now some JACKASS has decided its time to hire more foreigners, and not a damn word is said!

Yinner stay right there and watch people take ya country away. STAY RIGHT THERE!



  1. Ok,
    I guess you’re OK,
    Even though you don’t seem OK.
    But it is OK, …Ok.
    To not feel Ok, when you are lost on the main point “OK.”

  2. let me help you stupid people at bp. i live and work in andros. i have no radio, no tv, or any other means of communication. all that i have is internet. i cannot catch the news on zns internet. it does not work. but, i can get cnn, abc, wikileaks, al jazara, and anything i need on the internet. now do you see why they need a interner producer? you people only think that nassau is the center of the world.

  3. LLarry,
    Steve Wonder could have seen that ZNS needed to revamp.
    I give Mr. Ingraham credit for that. I would vote FNM, if only for that.

    Unions are not serious in this country, because the government is helping to fund them.
    I just hate to see a bunch of people walking the street with placards just to say they are demonstrating. Man, BREAK up something, get lockup, get beat up by the police or throw a grenade in the crowd.
    Lets start to look like Haiti or Jamaica. Where Aliens know …you don’t mess with those people things ..Lol!!!!! lol !!!!! lol!!!!

  4. For the web producer position, I can understand because, how many of those who left ZNS, knew anything about running a website??? Most were probably old heads who knew very little if anything about running a site??
    The librarian position, is another story….. But do remember some people took package voluntarily.

  5. Unions and the average person in the Bahamas are not serious about the “ALIENS” that are taking over the country. If they were serious they will do something.
    They seem to have no sense!
    World governments are not intimidated with people that constantly make noise, (dogs that barks will always stop when thrown a bone).
    But dogs that bite, must be avoided.
    We must stop using the name “foreigners” and start calling these unwanted beings “ALIENS” they are: extraterrestrial being, noncitizen, am not sure some are resident from another PLANET. They are outsider, strange, and they are inconsistent with us!
    The union must find a few sacrificial lambs, who is willing to die, to save them all!

  6. I hope they hire a proof reader for their Community Announcement page! Shameful that they have so many spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors!

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