They were all directed to wear a red tie as the Cabinet ate lunch with the GG

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and his Cabinet Ministers were the guests of Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes Wednesday, December 22, for the annual Christmas luncheon at Government House. Sir Arthur is pictured front centre with Prime Minister Ingraham to his left and Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette to his right.


  1. Geez!PLP/FNM really makes some people sooo irrational! Its Christmas..relax and enjoy and for gawd sake don’t wear red or yellow today!!

  2. Thank you Patrice and Charles! Everything does not have to be political!! Merry Christmas to all! ( I do wish I could post in red!!)

  3. Come on people, this is Christmas! Are we saying that only PLP’s can wear red at this blessed holiday season? Enough of this small mindedness.

    • Yes Patrice,it is Christmas,the pinnacle of pagan worship;and the devil demanded his demons pay homage to him with their campaign paraphernalia of blood “RED” and you expect sensible Bahamian to see something else: get a life!!

  4. BP, what is most disturbing about the Red Ties is this. The Cabinet and the GG represents the Government of the Bahamas and not the FNM. The Red is the symbol of the FNM. Theey should be made to account for this. The Mongrels have no Shame. HAI is worst than Mugabe.

    • @ Wisdom

      Because she is the only female in the Cabinet…interesting seeing that women make-up the majority in the Bahamas, but hey…this is what people voted for.

  5. Red is a very popular color at Christmastime! So for the sake of “peace on earth”, lets just say they were attempting to look festive!

    • And the world knows Esau sold his birth rite for a bowl of “RED POTTAGE.” At that lunch,where they was commanded to wear red,did they sell their Bahamian birth rite? During the festivity of this season over lunch ,seeing that they are now the Foreign National Movement

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