New Providence PLP MP tells supporter to “TAKE A HIKE!” as polls show PLP has lost considerable support in two key constituencies


Gold Rush MP turns “GOLD RUST” in the eyes of voters – PLP losing support by the minute in once die-hard blackbelt constituencies….

PLP woman supporter 'VICTIMIZED' in Branch elections.

Nassau, Bahamas — A number of PLP new generation MPs will be headed for the political bone yard by the next general election in what will become the final draw of the Christie era.

Many are beginning to believe the words of the Temptations, the popular Motown group: “…the Sun is cold and the new day seems old!”

News rocking from the steps of a PLP seat on New Providence confirms what some believe is happening around the country; where naked Abandonment, Neglect and a wanton disregard for generals and loyal party supporters by the Government party will spell trouble for the organization by January 1, 2013.

A BBB Analytics poll taken in that New Providence constituency proves that more than 64% of the voters polled in the last month agree that the new PLP government’s performance in the past five months was “disappointing”.

Voters in the constituency confirm their MP, who has held only one constituency meeting since the May 7th race, has told several loyal party officers and supporters to “take a hike!”

Political troubles ahead for PLP leader as fractions in the party divide and MPs fail to deliver New Day. Christie facing his last dance with the people!

This verbal assault on party supporters is not new and we believe it is echoing around the country as popular support of the government is eroding by the day.

Just last month a loyal PLP supporter in the Nassau Village Constituency was insulted by an appointed officer where it was discovered that, after she paid her dues, she was  blacklisted by the branch as a “non-financial member”.

The woman, who we shall not name at this time, paid an appointed party officer some $60 dollars to commit her along with her entire family as “financial” in the branch, only to find out that her name was never listed as “registered” to the branch nor as having paid a dime. Lucky for the woman she kept a receipt showing her payment, which therefore begs the conclusion that some greedy sticky finger collector “THIEF DA WOMAN MONEY!”

Senior party officials say the wrong committed against the woman will be corrected. However, from our discovery it is too late! The woman, who has campaigned for the Party since Charles Carter was an MP in the area, has thrown in the towel and could now look to the FNM as the way forward to the country’s future!

The developments are worrisome for the already collapsing Christie Regime, which appears to be tripping down at every turn.

The Party’s intoxicating victory has created many ‘helium inflated’ heads within the new regime. In fact, while in North Abaco the leader of the PLP was overheard telling Bahamians no matter how one prays, you still have to come through him! [Mr. Christie].

But behind the scenes of all this, without much notice by the public, the FNM is quickly reorganizing and coming together.

While the PLP Chiefs gathered in Long Island picking up bananas from the destroyed farms, both Dr. Hubert Minnis and Loretta Butler-Turner headed out to islands affected, delivering tons of water and supplies to affected residents.

And while the government “talked” its way through the islands, the Opposition leadership was delivering “action” on the ground.


In fact what is clear and evident is a merging “Political Marriage” being forged between the camps of Dr. Hubert Minnis and Loretta Butler-Turner. The pair could be unbeatable in 2017 and could be a force to be reckoned with as the Party regroups and reorganizes.

A hardcore FNM told BP, “We are working. Resetting and realigning the party to listen to the people. We’re putting steel on the foundation of the FNM and will be battle ready whenever the next general election is called. Whenever that may be, we know one thing for sure: Christie and his team will be LATE AGAIN!”

We report yinner decide!

Team Minnis and members of the FNM began a nationwide island to island tour to assess hurricane damages. Minnis and deputy leader Loretta Butler-Turner are expected to tour the southern Bahamas together tomorrow.