Nassau, Bahamas — There is more BREAKING NEWS AT THIS HOUR. Bahamas Press can confirm the arrest of a NIB employee.

BP is reporting the arrest of an NIB employee for possession of a high powered weapon. Bianca Willie and her husband Wesley Willie were arrested and charged with possession of a .44 hand gun in February this year.

Bianca is an employee of NIB and should have been suspended but is now being protected by NIB Managing Director Algernon Cargill.

The accused employee was charged under her middle name “Atalia” to protect her identity.

Sources on the Royal Bahamas Police Force tells BP Bianca will appear in court sometime next month. Despite the incident and formal charge; because she is part of  the FNM RED machine, she is still on  the job acting like nothing has happened. WHAT A DISGRACE!



  1. Cooper u know what u talking about that man is so petty. Every time he hold A meeting with the staff he accuses some one about givining bahamaspress information you have his waters running . I would soon call the names of companys that cargill has giving letters of good standing to that has not comply with N. I B Like the construction company just think

  2. I agree with ben cargill is not a fair man he treats his family different from the other staff Bianca is his cousin and so she gets to stay look how he did the lady in exuma when he found out that she had a minor charge . Cargill has to go Hubert his friends don’t go court what a shame more to come

  3. NIB Standing orders from the PM; Cover-up and save all skirts and execute all others. Remember this is where the PM sister, cousins, godchild work. Don’t forget his parliamentary collegues sweethearts and gay lovers workplace.

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