Man murdered…police fail to report death?


A PHOTO OF young 21 year-old George Carey. Carey died in hospital this week Tuesday.

BREAKING NEWS: Bahamas Press is reporting another young Bahamian life has ended early due to the war of violence now erupting in the country.

We have learned that 21 year old, George Carey, formerly of Eleuthera was rushed to hospital on Saturday night after being stabbed several times in an altercation. Carey succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday. We’ll bring you more details in a later report.

We wonder who was his killer and why he is not yet behind bars. Bahamas Press can confirm the level of blood is rising in the country and the scourge of violence seems to have no end.

Carey is the 115th murder victim since 2009 in the country. WE NEED CHANGE!


  1. Another young man life was loss over something senseless. The problem is not with the government people. It’s these ignorant young men who think they need to prove their manhood’s by singling out and attacking other young men while in groups (or gangs). These cowardly acts need to be punished to the full extent of the law. The one who did the stabbing should be jailed for life and all those who were present and participated should receive a 10 year minimum sentence. They are considered accessory to the murder. It could have been prevented if one of the others had spoke up and stop the attack. Until the law gets tough and set examples, these killings will continue. I’m afraid we have not seen the worse.

  2. Some government officials do not set good exemples. The Government is not to blame for the violence in society. Where are the PARENTS of these young pepole who are killing each other and what sort of examples are THE PARENTS THEMSELVES setting for their children?

  3. Why doesd a Govt encourage its citizens to so despise each other that hatred comes out with violent acts?Since the FNM Gopvt came to power it seems as if they go all out to b ully citizens and mash them into the ground.This uncouth behaviour is obviously being passed to the citizens and we now have Bahamians hating each other based on political persuasion.Hubert Ingraham should step aside and invite another of his members to take the helm until General Elections are held.Citizens take on the psyche of its Leaders and Hubert is no example for any young person.School yard bullies are out of style and a passionate Leader needs to emerge.Many in the FNM have been mashed to dust and opthers who are being trampled are now singing the praises of Huibert out of fright.Can you imagine three Cabinet Ministers appearing at a town meeting in St Cecilia and saying that regardless of any ideas coming out of that meeting no changes to the road improvements in that area would change?Well you stupid Ministers young men are emulating your intransigent behaviour and killing one another.

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