NIB will become the Bahamian Watergate and Greg Moss’ Board will be heros in the end


While thousands upon thousands were raided out of NIB Cargill claims the board allowed it – Was the old Board at NIB asleep at the wheel? You will find out this Sunday….The reputation of NIB former Board Member now come into question…

Here is the group who we and many others believed were all asleep at the wheel at NIB while millions were raided out of the Board!

Cargill is pointing fingers at everyone so attention could come off him – BREAKING NEWS COMES at 12:01am Sunday Morning –

Nassau, Bahamas — When the Forensic Audit is completed and done at NIB, Bahamians everywhere will stand in shock to read its findings and its revelations, which shall expose the contempt allowed against the Bahamian by the Ingraham Administration and how it allowed one man at NIB to raid and amputate that social security arm of the country.

Readers of BP, and members of the PLP, the FNMs, the DNAs, employees at NIB and those in the wutless media will leave with their hands up in the air when the findings are revealed.

It will be worse than Watergate! Worse than Greg GOMEZ’s defeat in North Abaco and all the scandals therein. Worse than the rape of children. Worse than fishing boat scandal last seen in the PLP and Sidney Stubbs.

It is going to be so bad until the Chief Justice of the Bahamas will ask for a pay increase and the entire civil service unions will come together in protest. No one will believe what only we at Bahamas Press knows already – but we ga put it this way – WHEN PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA LEAVES OFFICE AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – he will possibly apply for the top job as Director of NIB.

Bahamas Press this morning read with interest how the National Terlet Paper of the Bahamas –THE WUTLESS DUTTY TRIBUNE – has sprung to the defense of the suspended NIB Director Algernon Cargill. But ohhhhh, if they only knew what we know they would join our crusade as they eventually did against that same FNM’s North Abaco candidate Gomez.

The Tribune and the former Prime Minister – The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham – we must say BELIEVE IN PROMOTING CORRUPTION! They believe in defending corruption. They stand with thieves of the state and share a common inclination towards committing treason against the Bahamas.

Their stand with Cargill was expected, but when ya don’t know who ya defending – ya just don’t know. But we ga say it like that: “Birds of a feather do flock together!”

And so come Sunday at 12:01am in the morning, we ga drop the next shoe on Algernon Cargill and the latest episode at the National Insurance Board. Some ga hollar and others will say, “Mannnnnn BP, what this is you gat now?”

But all we ga say is this: “If you have any contacts, any intel, any real source – start looking through the record of a secret Bank Account titled: “Executive Management Account” and examine the years 2010/2011/2012.

We coming with the goods! The Tribune defending the people, but we gat the paper trail….

In the meantime we at BP will ask the following to account for the MASSACRE and backside rape that occurred at NIB:
Patrick Ward – Chairman
Rev. Etienne E. Bowleg , Deputy Chairman
Mr. Van Diah – Member
Mr. Robert D. L. Sands
Mr. John Pinder
Mrs. Belinda Wilson
Mr. Evan Dean
Ms Debbie Ferguson
Dr. Robin Roberts
Ms. Nicole Martin
Mr. Brian Nutt

Stay Tuned!

We report yinner decide!