Nicole Martin and A TEAM removed from office…Elections NULL & VOID!


nicole-martin<<< Nicole Martin, President of the Bahamas Hotel And Allied Workers Union. (file Photo)

Nassau, Bahamas — It was just two months and two days since Nicole Martin and her A Team were elected executives of The Bahamas Hotel Workers and Allied Workers Union, but today those elections were declared “null and void” by Justice Jon Isaacs.

Martin and her team won the union elections by a landslide with a message of saving the Union, which had hundred of its members laid off in the Hotel sector. Isaacs ruling came around noon today where he ordered that a new election be held and its former administrators be reinstated for a 30 day period.

In May, Wilson was granted an order staying the elections, but the poll was later allowed to go forth; however, Supreme Court Justice Jon Isaacs ordered that a judicial review be conducted to determine whether the setting of the nomination and election dates by the then president and secretary general, Roy Colebrook and Leo Douglas – contravened the union’s constitution.

Today, Kirk Wilson held a press conference following his victory in the courts and  congratulated his team who broght the action.


  1. Correction

    This is an indication that we are growing……..simply because we ARE listening and responding honestly

  2. Greetings BP. It is intresting to hear the views expressed in this forum. This is an indication that we are growing, simply because we can listening and responding honestly.

    This has caused me to think about my comments in the media, It does not change our realty though.

  3. yyyyoooo! people this is about unions remember its glad to know yall listening lol, what you all think about sandals problems, senior staff being sent home without redundancy packeges, even staff thats on sick leave and dont forget about the union busting that dion foulks trys to ignore

  4. Sorry Media…I am just seeing this. I too had wondered why this woman felt it SO important to ANNOUNCE that she was a single mother. To me she wanted a medal for it or something.

  5. @truthhurts

    ……You here telling me don’t confuse you or put words in your mouth and you right here doing the same thing. No where in my comment did I stated that I thought it was alright for girls/women to conceive a child without having the child’s father being involved was a positive thing. Tell me, who in their right mind would ever come to such a conclusion? Some single parent do a good job by themselves, but you and I know it is always better to have both parents that are setting a positive example in the home, that is the way God intended it to be.

  6. Please bloggers, PLEASE! This post was never intended for the direction we see it going. This is not necessary. Ms. Martin is a DECENT WOMAN! So please let’s leave that there.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. @kim

    i did not say that bahamian women are sluts. neither did larry. you seem like a nice person, don’t be like russel. read what other people write before you jump into the fray.

    larry said that too many bahamian women have children willy-nilly for different men without being married or looking before they leap.
    he called those women sluts. i did not.

    protection then said so many of the bahamian men are so worhtless that bahamian women need to start getting artificial insemination.

    don’t mistake me for russell, i am very clear in what i say.

    i don’t co-sign to what either of them said, but i do have my own views on children being born out of wedlock because these fast gals can’t keep they leg closed or take the pill or at least tell these brothers to wear a condom.

    now Kim, if you think the amount of girls having babies out here without a man in their life to help foster that child is a positive thing, then that’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it, but please don’t confuse me with other people. i have my own perspective.

  8. @truthhurts
    thanks for the usual stupid response which I expect from you.If you read my post carefully you would be agreeing with me rather than attack,attack.I standby my comments as I feel I used common sense in assuming the female was pre empting any criticism.Despite your lack of love your responses are getting more in line with the daily intelligent Bahamaian.Its Sunday and I just had a good time at church so I refuse to give you thrills by beating up on you.

  9. It them same nasty, vulgar women walking up and down on them beaches and in public naked, modeling what their ma give them and running up and down with Tom, Dick and Harry making babies that have Larry and truthhurt here thinking Bahamian women are sluts. See what you all cause? That is why I keep tell you all to stop exposing yourself and acting like a bunch of jungalists. They must be been out there to one of them beach bash or something and got their eyes full, now you cant tell him all Bahamian women aint no slut. They want a foreign woman now, the little that they know some of these foreign women are worst than the once we gat right here. Anyway, if they want go, let them go.

  10. @Larry

    We have some very decent women in this country that carries them very well and who doesn’t believe in running up in down with Tom, Dick and Harry. If you are only coming in contact with sluts, that should tell you something about yourself. May be it your surroundings and the places that you chose to hang out or maybe the decent women out there are just not attracted to you for some reason. If you prefer a foreign woman rather than a women from your own country that is your preference and nobody has the right to tell you how you should feel. What I do know is sluts and unwed mothers do not only exist in the Bahamas, but you can find them all over the world. At least here you can check their background and get to know their families and friends and somebody will tell you something about them. I see plenty men gone married these foreign women who they believe was decent and better than their own, only to find out these women were already married and had children back home in their country. If that is not a slut, I don’t know what it is. I just think it is sad when you are prepared to put down your own Bahamian sisters and I hope you find that foreign lady who would make you happy, because you are not good enough for any of these Bahamian women. I really wish you and your foreign lady the best and if it doesn’t work out don’t come crawling back, looking for a Bahamian woman to pick up the pieces.

  11. @russell
    boy russ, you never fail to disappoint. i find myself having to count to ten b4 answering you..but here goes…

    how is somebody attacking nicole martin because they don’t agree with something she said?

    didn’t i say that i really like her?
    i just didn’t like what she said about being a single-mother. it sends the wrong message to young women who lack proper role models and father figures.

    if you weren’t such a close-minded dummy you might have understood that people can have divergent views on a subject or person.

    but alas, you are as usual, totally lost.

    and try not to bore me to death when you respond.

  12. @larry

    again…people running out. just because someone came from a single mother don’t make that the vision for families in the future.


    you called bahamian men worhtless, how is that different from larry call them sluts?

    i know many bahamian women who waited to get married before having children, all it takes is DISCIPLINE TO KEEP YA LEG CLOSED. that is what God directs us to do isn’t it?

    single motherhood as a product of divorce is different.

  13. Larry…Are your parents aware you are communicating in an adult forum because you sound so juvenile! I am a Bahamian woman and cant relate to the nonsense you said earlier, next time you come on BP focus on putting your brain in gear before you put your tongue/keyboard in motion.

  14. Larry you would take care of your children however, put their mother in the slut category as you certainly left her out of the equation. Marry her first.

  15. You hear the dumbest things cause uou keep company with green people like larry and not think for yourself. to agree with calling a woman a slut because she has children out of wedlock. Russell put it in its real form. Both you and Larry need to get out more often and also give your mothers a big hug and kiss for having your fathers stay with them through your child rearing years, you both are very fortunate. I am a product of a single mother who had five for two different men married to both did not workout, but as a single mother she them adopted five other children who needed a mother (single) and raised them. Motherhood is a gift from God and remember every one life happenings is paved by the almighty so there are going to be many sluts in this life time.

  16. I have read all of the comments and am ashamed that an attack is being launched on the young lady who I do not know.Obviously on the night of her victory she pre empted any attack on her bcos she was a single mother.That caused the attackers to disperse but now that Elections are in the air the matter has been raised again.We are not a Muslim society so men and women have plenty sex resulting in children being born,and born and born.The members of the hotel union overwhelmingly supported her the last time and I see no reason for them withdrawing now bcos of this small issue.Bahamian women are not sluts or rate below others after all they are our mothers and sisters.Some women make mistakes and must be forgiven .yes some women are gold diggers but when you find them run.I did and still do.A man must choose a female of compatibility.I praise Martin for her honesty when she first was elected and will judge her based on what she does now The past is history.

  17. @larry
    i swear i hear the dumbest things on BP.
    i know these people ain’t on here glorifying single motherhood like that’s some badge of honor.
    i don’t know you brother, but i right there with you.
    most of these women walkin around here with two and three children for different men need to be ASHAMED.
    if you have one child out of wedlock, i might consider that a mistake, but more than one and that’s just irresponsible.

    i really like nicole martin, and think that justice was not served. but i do give her wrong for saying that.

    for every worthless bahamian man, there’s a worthless bahamian woman that born and raised him.

  18. @Protection
    FYI, I have no children, but when I do they will be well taken care of. It is not my fault, that too many Bahamian women is lie down with every Tom, Dick and Harry, and then when they end up with 3 children for 3 different men, they come looking to someone for either help or praise, and then want to complain but how their ain’t no good Bahamian men. Which man would want to marry some women who already have a child for every man in the neighborhood? FYI, many foreign women make better wives than some of these no-good Bahamian women round here. Who rolly-polly and only want spend up your hard-earned money to take care of her children she done had with some other man, and go get her nails and hair done (not that really makes a difference, when in reality they need to go lose some weight to be more physically attractive)
    Now those who become single mothers when a spouse dies or even get divorced I can understand, but those who go having children willy-nilly are not to be looked at with praise, they are sluts plain and simple, and too many Bahamian women fit that description.

  19. @Real Talk
    Real Talk I agree with you. To many of us concentrate on the messenger and not the message. BP please investigate the judge and the labour lawyer and the PI person in the Hotel Association. I understand that this decision is being pushed because thay are all “lodge” buddies. Which gives one to wonder how come all this lawyer’s cases go before the same judge.

  20. @Larry
    Larry I hope you have a father that you can be proud off. Nicole was only expressing that single mothers can do a lot and achieve much. No woman is proud of not having someone to lean on. However, so many of you BAHAMIAN MEN are worthless the BAHAMIAN women need to start getting artificial insemination. You marry them today tomorrow they leave you for a foreign woman leaving you with children and nothing “More Power to NICOLE MARTIN” Larry go take care of your wife and kids

  21. she is a very honest women who wears her feelings on her sleeves she doesnt hold back what ever is on her mind she has no problem talking about it because she has humble beginnings and has hurdled over a lot of obsticles, and most of us men would cut of the child if we cant have our way with a women we want to control and that my input homeboys!

  22. @Real Talk
    If she didn’t say she was a single mother, i would not have known. She was one who made mention of it, and seemingly wanted a pat on the back for being a single mother. When you make silly statements at first, it takes away from the seriousness of anything she might have said.



  24. I miss the comments of so many people on BP and I just want to say I hope they are all in the best of health and I look forward to hearing from them soon.

  25. Larry come on man…that’s the ONLY thing you got from Ms. Martin the night of the election the lady made a statement indicating that she was considered the underdog in the running and she conquered. Its sad that all that was said, the only thing you walked away with was that she is a single mother.Try LISTENING the next time you watch the news ok!!! I don’t know much about hotel unions constitution but what I got from the news report Ms. Martin nor Mr. Colebrooke will be eligible to run as a candidate when the new dates are determined.

  26. I don’t know much about this woman or the union. But the day when, they originally won she came on TV, seeming like she was promoting the wonders of single motherhood as the best thing since slice bread. I don’t know how she ended up being a single-mother, but just from what I saw on ZNS it seemed like she was more interested in letting people know she was proud single mother, and she could do whatever she wanted without a husband. Just thought that was very poor taste.

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