NO GAS AT TEXACO…Are we in a Crisis at the Pumps?

Gas prices skyrockets as pumps shutdown all over the country.

Nassau, Bahamas —  Texaco stations across the country are shutdown this morning as there is no gas at the pumps.

The shutdown has inconvinced thousands of motorists who rely on fuel from the supplier.

Some in the country like Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham would like everyone believe nothing is going wrong in the Bahamas, and those in the WUTLESS MEDIA would not say a damn word about it. But go on the streets to a Texaco Station near you and you will have the shock of your life; NO GAS!

BP travelled the length of the capital yesterday in search for Texaco’s regular fuel and nowhere on the island had any.

One would expect by now Texaco would have issued a statement, or someone in the Government would mentioned to us why we are no fuel, assuring we were not in a GAS CRISIS!

One manager at Texaco Prince Charles told us, “The ship has failed to deliver supply and thus, no gasoline has hit the tank.”

Problem is; what happened to the reserves? This sounds scary.

But what gets us with this story is the deafening silence especially from the WUTLESS MEDIA!

You see, out of one breathe they want tell us the economy has turned around and is firing on all cylinders. NOT SO! What is even worse is the fact not one of the newspapers carried the news in the morning papers..

Imagine that, thousands of residents are affected in what appears to be a CRISIS here on the island, and the newspapers; particularly its WUTELESS editorials written by PAPA are talking about Perry Christie!



  1. What does Texaco Sevice stations not having gas have to do with the PLP?

    Whilst some of the Texaco Service Stations may have gas there ARE some that do not.
    Porky’s did not have any this morning, neither did the Texaco on Shirley St (just before that Methodist Church) Had to continue over the bridge practially empty.
    Then coming from work this evening i stopped to the Texaco on Mackey Street they had none; i eventually got some at the Texaco by the Police College.
    So there is some truth to what BP has said.
    Like BP always says though, “We report, yinna decide”
    That’s my five cents. 🙂

  2. who wrote tis article? Darell miller aye? so texaco is the place in this country that sells gas? or thats were you get ur gas from? stop freakin urself and other people out…and find something wit sense to write about

  3. I just literally got gas a couple minutes ago from Texaco by Town Center Mall.
    What I am even responding to this for, this is BP, even those who frequent here know this is a just a dishonest propaganda site for the PLP, with no regard for truth.

  4. Are you sure it is all Texacos? I went to Texaco on Wulff Road shortly before 8 and purchased a full tank of gas with no problems this morning!!!

  5. Are you sure this is true? I filled up at Texaco, Joe Farrington Road after 8am this morning. Maybe its just a selected few that are without gas.

  6. Am I reading this correct? Are you saying that the government is responsible for bringing gas to the country? If so then why are the taxes so high as the retailers say? That means that they bring it in then tax themselves and have to pay such high prices at the pump. Please clarify this for me.

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