No money in bank accounts for contract workers from education – WORKERS HAVE NO CONTRACT EVEN AFTER VERIFYING!


WORKERS ARE GOING HOME IN EDUCATION! Woman say no money on her account Government Pay Day!

Minister for Education Hon. Jeff Lloyd at podium.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is learning that more than 600 contract workers at the Ministry of Education no long have a contract, according to insiders.

We understand workers went to the bank on Government Pay Day, only to discover that not a dime was placed on their bank account.

A senior public officer told BP, “Contract workers have no current contract in place.”

Education Minister Jeff Lloyd told Parliament during the Budget Debate that the number of contract workers within the Ministry was unsustainable.

Minister for the Public Service Brensil Rolle told Parliament back in July that there was a group of 1,700 in addition to two other agencies with high levels of contracted workers and the 3,000 people that were hired on the 52-week job programme. These contracts, he added, will also expire in a number of days.

In short: Ya job gone and it’s da People Time [TA CATCH HELL]!

We report yinner decide!