NO Prisoner is missing following an accident on Village Road


Bahamas Press can confirm there was a prison bus accident on Village Road. We can also confirm NO PRISONER ESCAPED and all of the men involve on the bus has been accounted for.


  1. Yes, they are breaking the Laws of the Speed Limit, but yet taking young men to Court, BLINDLY.
    Only in the Bahamas, Only in the Bahamas.

  2. What I don’t get is why the Bahamas is still stuck in the 18th century, isnt Closed Circuit Conferencing available currently? No need for the prisoners to even leave the prison….

  3. I know the Bahamian “SYSTEM,” and if I was a betting man I would bet the whole accident was orchestrated, and the prisoner who went to the Hospital maybe ducking a Court hearing.
    You see thy our Court system is backed up.

  4. It baffles me as to why a magistrates court is not constructed on or near the prison compound. Most of these person bused to court in the mornings are persons being charged and who will be either released or placed on remand. In either case this can be done with out the need for the daily wild road race from prison to bank lane. Person’s who are actually having trials heard could then be transported in smaller more civil convoys to have their matters heard.

  5. BP. Thank God no one was injured but, is this any way to get prisoners to and from court? There has to be another way. This foolishness of racing through the streets at high speeds with prisoners is getting tiresome.The streets are already narrow yet, these Yobs still speed and force persons to the side of the road.It should be remembered that an emergency vehicle prison or police, still must obey the rules of the road.They have a duty of care to other motorists and are responsible for any injuries caused by their neglect. That extends to the prisoner who was allegedly injured.

  6. Why they speeding through the streets with these prisoners anyway? Something drastic has to happen, for them to see this does not make any sense. Today, could have very well been that day.

    • I concur with Kim on this matter. Whoever is driving the busses that transport the prisoners, they drive like they are on the race course, The driver believe because he is driving a government vehicle and he is honking his horn or blowing siren he have all legal right to use a lethal weapon to knock any one who do not pull over in time to allow a speeding bullet to pass.

      I see the driver taking the middle od the street and he have no concern who can’t move in time. The public continue to complain of this matter but to no avail. It took a long time before a incident like this occured

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