North Eleuthera including the GREAT SPANISH WELLS is going All the WAY with Clay!


Clay Sweeting

Nassau, Bahamas

— Bahamas Press is now “Politics Central” as a great election season becomes official as of today. We have been hushed due to the Lenten journey, but today we say Happy Easter and let’s get the ball rolling.

We have spent considerable time up in the Northern sections of Eleuthera this weekend and from what we see, Clay is gaining serious momentum for a clean sweep in that community. His rise as the next Member of Parliament for the area has become such a reality the FNM goons like Abner Pinder has turned desperate; some tell us he is now smoking twice as many packs of cigarette.

We can tell you the old guard of the FNM has surprisingly dropped two previous candidates and is now fielding, Richard Lightbourne, an old guard of the UBP. The fact is laughable to the young who are BENT on electing the youngest candidate in the upcoming General Elections.

Clay represents CHANGE in the Bahamas. He is 25, he is ambitious, he is educated, he is from his community and he is PLP.

A 25-year-old resident of Spanish Wells tell us, “No FNM money could buy us; we ga take it nah, but we voting CLAY! And for the FNM to come up with an old guard like Lighbourne sickens us to the core. We are going with Clay, the Rock Star candidate whenever PAPA rings the bell.”

Meanwhile we understand the Speaker of the House and current MP for North Eleuthera, Alvin Smith, is set to leave the country when his term is complete. Bahamas Press has been reliably informed, Alvin Smith, is moving to Toronto and is currently home shopping in the area.

He becomes the second FNM set to leave the country before Christie’s Royal Commission of Inquiry.


  1. The FNM has not made a decision on any candidates and more people than who you’ll talking about trying to get North Eleuthera for the FNM. All the talk I have been hearing is Theo or Colin.

    I do not know the Lightbourne fella, but you sure you mean for Abaco I do not know any Lightbourne’s in Eleuthera. As you can see Abner said who he pulling for, but from what I hearing it looks like Colin has the support, but we will see.

    I think this is very democratic and ga be interesting!

  2. I agree… They keep saying clay this and clay that but clay doesn’t even have his website up yet… Which we all know is… he might as well post it up… anyhow… only time will tell…

  3. B P if you were trying to get a response from me here it is. I am not a GOON but I know some people who are. You see I have had to deal with PLP goons here in North Eleuthera for the last 5 Elections so I know who and what they look like and usually the size of their Pockets. I was threatened to be sued by one after the 2002 election but I fear no man only God.
    You keep trying to stir up strife about who will be the Candidate, I wonder if that is not just because ya’ll are deathly afraid of THEO and you are hoping by running on with B. S. that you may be able to somehow change it. Well you can’t and Theo will be the Candidate whether you like it or not.
    I do not know how to PANIC its your people who are in a Panic and strangely they have not known the people on the mainland for the past 4yrs. until 6months ago when they think they will need them. Well the people have Memories and common sense and they know who takes care of them all the time not just at election time.

    • But isn’t this a response? So is it Theo or the other fella of the past. I guess you cannot make up your mind? Oh by the way, have you assisted Alvin with his move out of the country?


    • Abner, if it is going to be Theo, maybe you should ask why Richard LIghtborne is being escorted around Hatchet Bay by Peter Carey. Any maybe you should ask why Richard LIghtbourne was in Harbour Island telling all those who can listen he was the candidate, and he was spending money like he was the candidate. Abner, maybe you are just getting swung by your own party.

      • They don’t know what the hell they doing, The FNM don’t know who ga run where. One minute Senator Tinny in Exuma knocking on doors and the next day Phenton say he coming there. They are confused as the snake who crossed the road, but got ran over while crossing.


    • Well Harri we do not know, but we do know he is not the only MP considering the move. The Royal Commission promised by the Incoming government has a number of MPs looking for residence outside the Bahamas.


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