NOT ONE WORD BY THE MOW on Charlene Collie resignation from the poorly managed road project


Shenique Albury, environmental specialist with the New Providence Road Improvement Project and Sgt. Garland Rolle of the Traffic Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force are pictured during a news briefing at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson)


Nassau, Bahamas – As the construction phase of the New Providence Road Improvement and Infrastructure Project (NPRIIP) continues, Shenique Albury, environmental specialist with NPRIIP advised the public of various road closures and highlighted progress made to date during a briefing on June 29.

Baillou Hill Road

Baillou Hill Road will be closed between Robinson Road and Bahama Avenue to accommodate road paving on Saturday, July 2 and Sunday, July 3. Motorists travelling north should use First Street as an alternative. According to Ms. Albury work on Baillou Hill Road from Wulff Road to Robinson Road is “substantially” complete, however minor works are ongoing.

Work is progressing on Baillou Hill Road, north of Wulff Road. The Poinciana arm of the Wulff Road/Poinciana/Baillou Hill Road junction has been paved. Between Monday, June 27 and June 29 from Fleming Street to Wellington Street was paved. It is anticipated that by the end of June 29 paving will be completed up to Chapel Street.

“Once paving has been completed, one lane of northbound traffic will be allowed from Wulff Road to Chapel Street. Furthermore, the full road closure will be extended from Chapel Street northward to Hay Street. Motorists travelling in this area are advised to use Market Street as an alternative route,” Ms. Albury said.

Market Street

A full lane closure commenced on Tuesday, June 28 on Market Street between Wulff Road and Cordeaux Avenue. Single lane, southbound traffic is still in effect from Cordeaux to Coconut Grove Avenue. Motorists are advised to use East Street as an alternative route.

Robinson Road

Work on Robinson Road between East Street and Claridge Road is substantially complete. New traffic signals have been installed on the junction at Robinson and Claridge Roads.

A full road closure is in effect from East Street to Fourth Street. Traffic has been diverted to Palm Tree Avenue which is between East and Sixth Streets.

“All underground works have been completed and the contractor is currently preparing to lay the first layer of asphalt. It is anticipated that this portion of Robinson Road will be open to traffic in approximately two weeks,” said Ms. Albury.

Underground construction continues on Robinson Road between Sixth and Market Streets.

“The Ministry of Works and Transport would like to emphasise that despite single and full road closures local access is granted to residents and business patrons. The public is encouraged to support businesses even though they may fall within an area of active road works,” Ms. Albury said.

“We also take this opportunity to thank all for their cooperation and continued patience during road construction works and apologise for any inconvenience caused as the Ministry seeks to build and improve the transportation network on the island of New Providence.

“We encourage all road users to exercise caution and to follow the diversion signs in place especially while driving in areas of active construction. We remind the public that this is the rainy season and there may be open trenches containing water on some corridors.”

The Ministry urges the public to contact the Hotline (302-9700) or email to obtain more information.


  1. From listening to her on the news tonight she is more articulate and has more composure than Collie-Harris. I disagree that Lincoln 5505 that women should not be put into this type of position.

    We are tired of hearing about road closures. We want to know about the project’s progress, which Ms. Albury appears to be giving the public. I think Ms. albury is what this project needs.

  2. I wonder how long this one will last before she crack under pressure.

    I’m not a big advocate of ladies being placed in these situations due to the stress and pressure that these postions produce.

    A man should have been selected, at least he would have the luxury of drinking his stress off as opposed to cussing out his spouse, which Im sure will be the end result.

    However, she seems to be fully supported by the police.

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