Office of Fleet Management cannot find the government vehicles to have them licensed!


Scores of government vehicles have vanished!

Fleets at the Finance Ministry.

Nassau – A crisis is developing inside the Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Building this morning as government vehicle registration is due but guess what? The Fleet Manager cannot find the government vehicles.

Bahamas Press is learning this morning that pure chaos has erupted in the Feet Management Department and no one knows who has or where are the government vehicles. What is this?

According to once source, the government removed the last Fleet Manager and replaced that individual with someone who cannot spell the word “Fleet” much less “Management”!

According to our source scores of government vehicles have now went missing, and it is not known in whose care the vehicles are, and now that licensing is due no one can say where and which department has what government vehicle assets.

“This is a crisis beyond the competence of the new holder of Fleet Management who was appointed to the post on a wing of politics. But what does this say about the management of the entire place? If they cannot license or know where they government vehicles are what you think is happening with use of Government fuel?” our source in the OPM said.

Someone needs to get on top of this or hundred of government red plates will be unregistered on the streets across the country.

PM Minnis dem don’t know what they hell dey doing. And the government officers are not helping.

We report yinner decide!