Young Church woman set to be charged in connection with the murder of that 70-year-old weightlifter on the weekend…

70-year-old Paul Fritzroy Melbourne is country’s 23rd homicide victim.

Nassau – Police are confirming to us at Bahamas Press that they will present formal charges against that female in connection with the murder of 70-year-old weightlifter Paul Fitzroy Melbourne.

We can report that the female friend is not the wife, but goes by the name Tracy Arnett. We know Tracy to be a Church of God woman. What is this?

Now from our understanding of the case, Paul Fitzroy Melbourne before 11am on Saturday past came to Tracy’s apartment just off Carmichael Road when a huge knife was produced and Fritzroy was stabbed several times to the upper body causing him to fall outside the apartment and to his death.

But get this; Tracy was once married to a man by the name Donahue Arnett. He died several years ago after where it was reported that Tracy left him for Fitzroy. We believe police in this case should look closer into the death of the husband.

Anyway, Tracy will be charged today just around 2pm when a huge gathering of onlookers will be present including BP team.

We report yinner decide!