Officers who failed to respond to Police Control Room while drinking were demoted and reassigned!

Officers drinking in the patrol vehicle.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is learning that two officers who decided they will not adhere to a Police Control Room requests have been punished. According to our source both officers were taken off the streets and demoted.

Live video with the officers flashing a Kalik bottle drinking while on patrol, and ignoring call from Police Control Room, will remain on the force after some critical factors were taken into consideration.

We have learned the corporal holding the bottle was demoted to Constable today. And the Constable, who warned the receiver to the video to not circulate their defiance, was also reduced in seniority.

Both officers have been transferred to desk jobs far away from the streets. We understand the men will now work hard labour under supervision.

One thing is certain; the RBPF remains a very Disciplined Correcting Organization.

We report yinner decide!