Ingraham attacks Bishop Boyd – On Jan. 28th The Bahamian People will end discrimination against them!


Ingraham has sided with defeat and has now attacked Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd! The “YES” VOTE HAS IT – THE SHIP HAS LEFT THE PORT – OVA!!!!!!!!

Former Prime Minister comes out with vicious attack against Anglican Bishop Laish Zane Boyd - Bishop of the Bahamas Including the Turks and Caicos Islands!

Ingraham Knighted MEGA Gambling Operator Sir Sol Kerzner – But attempted to jail Craig Flowers – a benevolent Bahamian!

Nassau, Bahamas“I cannot now remain a silent observer…” those were the words of the former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham this week, following the March on Parliament by workers in the Gaming Business, who will all head to the polls and vote “YES” on Referendum Day.

The Bahamas government is seeking the public’s opinion to regulate and tax the “Numbers Business” which, if agreed to, will end the first phase of discrimination against natives gambling. Today, Bahamians cannot gamble, while foreigners can. The law is archaic. However, further to that, it has become unenforceable as today’s technology allows one to play numbers via smartphones and over the internet.

We find it incredible, however, that after stating on the floor of the Parliament in June 2010 that the laws prohibiting Bahamians from taking part in a pastime were “UNENFORCEABLE”, and after going on record saying that his government would call for a referendum to also regulate the Gaming Business, former Prime Minister Ingraham decided to flip – flop on boycotting Monday’s poll and has joined the bandwagon which is on the wrong side of history.

Craig Flowers will lead the removal of the last vestiges of discrimination against the Bahamian people. Photo by The Nassau Guardian.

And now fearing defeat like a deer in headlights, Hubert Ingraham has gone on the attack against Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd! The former PM attack a church leader for his position on Gaming in the Bahamas, where he made it clear that Monday’s Referendum was a conscience decision!

Fact here though is every time Hubert Ingraham attacks a Anglican Church leader he loses an election. Both in 2002 and 2012 he went on a face-off with Archbishop Drexel Gomez and in both elections Ingraham was resoundingly defeated.

But since Ingraham is in the business of getting nasty with Church leaders, we ask this; Why attack Bishop Laish Boyd, and not attack the Archbishop Patrick Pinder who is on record as sharing the same view of Bishop BOYD?

Bahamas Press warned Pastors, Ingraham set yinner up with his Makeshift Sanhedrin Council [Christian Council] to drive real theologians into an argument that has nothing to do with Christendom.

Ingraham, who lead his FNM government into a crashing defeat at the polls on May 7th has no effect as his flip flops, mix ups and zig zig behaviour – here today and gone tomorrow – has become common to Bahamians. They do not TRUST him anymore.

For example one morning he woke up and said BTC will never be sold to Cable and Wireless, and before we know it CWC was at the table. He said Baha Mar was too large for this economy one morning, and, days after coming from China with his “YELLOW BRIGADE of bed soldiers”, Baha Mar was the best thing for the Bahamas since sliced bread!

Or who remembers his blood axing of the Church when he cut subventions and grants to private school in 2010 – all of sudden the church leaders are his friends?


But what gets us with “Mr. Nobody Greater” these days is the fact that one-day he goes off into the sunset telling the world he is gone. But when his puppet voices cannot help, he comes out the shadows like some Ghost of Christmas past, tripping down the FNM and backstabbing the Party.


Hubert Ingraham is not taking meds and has started his attack on Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd.

This week he comes out with this line: “I cannot remain a silent observer”?

Well Mr. Ingraham how about this:

1)    You was a silent observer when: – Some $100 million was spent on road and scores of businesses were closed down and workers laid off. YOU DID NOT A DAMN THING TO STALL THE CRISIS FACING BUSINESSES!

2)    You was a silent observer when: – Crime escalated with more than 490 persons hacked to death in this town, with four years of record murders.

3)    You was a silent observer when:- unemployment rose to record levels – where some 33% of young persons under the age of 25 sat hopeless and helpless under your government – while you stimulated employment for the citizens of China and Argentina.

4)    You was a silent observer when:- you raised taxes on Bahamians to their highest levels – when school supplies and the Holy Bible were taxed by your reckless, inept, incompetent administration.

5)    You were a silent observer when: – your one term government was unable to attract a single investor to our shores in five long years! NOT ONE! Starving the prospect of opportunity for Bahamians and under preformed the national economy!

6)    You were a silent observer when:- you presented deficit after deficit, year after year, borrowing billions on the back of the unborn, hijacking their future and handing them a promissory note of doom and gloom in the years ahead – that’s what Hubert Ingraham did to Bahamians!

7)    You were a silent observer when:- NIB – which you served as MINISTER – was raided, sacked and pillaged by GANGSTERS who practiced “GANGSTERISM” holding the national interest in contempt while failing to protect the innocent and vulnerable for which it was established.


As far as we are concerned you have failed the Bahamians people by your do-nothing recklessness and naked ABANDONMENT OF PARTY AND COUNTRY!


It is for all those reasons and more why we the Bahamian people will end the discrimination against us come MONDAY! And we will close those clauses, which lock our people up under that contrived Apartheid system!

We shall be set FREE! “YES” YES” “YES”

We report yinner decide!