Once again Louis Bacon grabbed the media by the “P” and nothing was said by the Press Club of the Bahamas!


Wendall Jones taken to court by Louis Bacon! The intimidation Against The PRESS CONTINUES!?!

Guardian keeps apologizing to Fred Smith's client Louis Bacon.
Guardian keeps apologizing to Fred Smith’s client Louis Bacon.

Nassau, Bahamas – One by one operators of the Save the Bays has been allowed to threaten politicians, gag Parliament, place penal threats on the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, threaten journalists, intimidate witnesses, hire alleged killers [Toggie and Bobo] and muzzle broadcasters, and still today they seek to jail a known broadcaster in the country!

Owner of Jones Communication, Mr. Wendall Jones, is just the latest victim in a contempt case brought to the Supreme Court by Louis Bacon. The matter involves material published in a newspaper owned by Mr. Jones that brings into question some alleged behaviour of the hedge fund billionaire.

This week Bacon attorneys sought an order of the court to have the broadcaster jailed for the material appearing in his newspaper.

Now this isn’t the first time Mr. Jones has been brought to court by Louis Bacon. In 2012 Mr. Jones had to pay a nominal fee of $100 for damages and issue a public apology to Bacon as part of a consent order in a libel case filed by him.

What is interesting, though, is this: while Bacon can take from the Prime Minister on down to court, he never shows up himself to stand as a witness in matters where his claims are made. And while members of the press are being intimidated in this way no one in the Bahamas Press Club would stand up and defend journalist! Yet we must take them serious?

In this latest attack on the free press in the Bahamas, Mr. Jones’ matter has been adjourned to December 16th.

Our question is simple: How is it Justice Rhonda Bain, who now has an additional two year extension on the bench, is handling most of Louis Bacon matters? What is up with that?

We report yinner decide!