One fisherman was found dead with feet tied to the cooler – Another swims to shore and a third man still missing at sea!

Conch Fishermen in tragedy at sea in Andros.

ANDROS| Bahamas Press now has more from that developing story out of South Andros involving three fishermen.

We are now learning one of the fishermen was found dead. “Mucka” Forbes from Mars Bay in South Andros was just found dead with his feet tied to a floating cooler. His body is being transported as we speak to South Andros and will arrive at the Johnson’s Bay morgue. 

Three men left South Andros this morning diving for conch. By 1 pm on Thursday, they began their journey into New Providence with a four thousand conch haul on their vessel. However, as they approached the Tongue of the Ocean under deep waters heavy weather came from nowhere and the vessel began taking on water.

One of the men, Quentin Forbes, immediately made his way back to shore; swimming for dear life and he made it to Andros shoreline, He is from The Bluff. 

A third fisherman is a man from Nassau (not identified by BP). He has not yet been found by rescue teams. 

Bahamas Press believes it is time that all vessels operating across the country be fitted with safety devices (lifevests) in event of such tragedy. How could men on a vessel with four thousand conch shells believe they could after diving all day swim to shore?

Ahh Lord … Pray for the family and the soul of Mucka!

We report yinner decide!