Priests extorted and attacked via social media following accident…

Senior Anglican cleric Fr. I. Ranfurly Brown

NASSAU| An Anglican Priest is being extorted following a car accident. He has since reported the matter to the Royal Bahamas Police Force after a man demanded a $1,500 cash payment for a car which did not have a scratch.

Fr. I Ranfurly Brown was in a fender-bender on the eastbound lane near Laura Williams’ fruit stand on Tuesday evening where a car was stalled in the road after running out of gas with no one left in the driver’s seat. 

The priest bumped into the vehicle and came outside to check on a female passenger in the car. When the male returned from a gas station to the abandoned vehicle, he took the car keys out of the priest vehicle and demanded a settlement without any police presence.

The former priest at St. Agnes agreed to help the guy and, after getting his keys back and leaving the scene he waited for a call.

Now get this nah…The accident happened Tuesday but the extortionist waited til Thursday to call the priest demanding $1,500 and to meet in Yellow Elder with the cash!

Thinking that this was a deeper situation – with the car not having a scratch – the priest reported the matter to the police. Now, all of a sudden, Fr. Brown is being violently attacked online on a wicked social media outlet online.

Bahamas Press warns the scoundrels seeking to extort a priest to turn from their wicked ways!

Pray for the priest!