Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C. pens letter to Ernst and Young Corporate Office in New York on audit exercises in the Bahamas!



Bahamas Press now having seen Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis’ letter put following questions:

1) How much money has Ernst and Young collected from the Central Government for all these audits in the Bahamas for the past nine months? And why are these not being paid out of the budgets of the Corporations?

2) What makes Ernst and Young so special when compared to other competing accounting firms like Deloitte and Touche / PricewatershouseCooper /Baker Tilly Gomez / Grant Thornton Bahamas / BDO /KPMG / PKF Bahamas/ RAS Corporate Services – why have these other firms not been offered transparent opportunities to compete in these exercises?

3) What is the special relationship between the managing partner of EY and the Prime Minister of the Bahamas?

4) How much did EY make from all these audits done for the Government for the past nine months?

5) Was there any bidding process for this work and were there any special arrangements made to achieve those specified results?

6) Were inquires done without proper procedures to acquire a fair response to concerns as required by the fair accounting standards?

We report yinner decide!