Opposition Leader responds to PM failure to address resignations at GB Rally…


Statement from the Leader of the PLP In response to the Prime Minister at the FNM rally in Freeport

PM HUBERT MINNIS AND Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

23rd February 2019

Last week following my public demands, the Prime Minister promised that at his rally in Freeport on Friday 22 February, he would address the issue of the tenure of the Ministers Marvin Dames and Duane Sands. I have called for them to resign or be dismissed. The Prime Minister did not do as he promised. He spoke not one word about Dr Sands and Mr Dames. Instead he sought to make jokes and turn it into a circus with lies about my conduct in office.

This is no joking matter. The Prime Minister has not seen a smile on my face. His Ministers Sands and Dames stand judicially condemned for their conduct in the case COP vs Frank Smith.

While the matter is being appealed, the appeal will not change the findings of fact in the decision down below. The administration of justice stands condemned by these findings. The Attorney General too must consider his tenure in the position.

The Prime Minister travelled to Grand Bahama and tried to make a joke of this matter. I am not joking and I am not playing.

His rally trash talking was an insult not only to me but to thousands of people suffering in Grand Bahama on the unemployment lines and some sleeping in their cars because they have nowhere to live. Each week families can be seen boarding the mail boat for Nassau. He sought to deflect from his failures by making me and the PLP the centerpiece of his speech. This is regrettable, a huge let down and a convoluted and shameless confession of failure in leadership.

Even The Tribune has said that the matter is so serious that it should be addressed in Parliament and not at a rally.

So I renew my call for the three ministers to resign or be dismissed. Do so forthwith Prime Minister. This is not about the PLP. This is about your FNM ministers bringing the country and its justice system into disrepute. Act now. They must resign or be dismissed.