The National Security of the Bahamas and the United States of America compromised at Immigration!


Some 3,000 applications approved by the Minister without proper vetting procedures by Immigration Officers…

NASSAU| BP is reporting serious breaches in the national security of the Bahamas and, by extension, the security of the United States of America as the Bahamas Government has approved some 3,000 applications to Immigration without the proper vetting by Immigration Officers.

We are learning that the decision by the Minister for the Department of Immigration unilaterally approved the applications waiting in the systems of the agency was a Cabinet Decision to reduce the backlog of cases within the department.

Speaking with officials at Immigration, BP was told, “Many of these 3,000 persons have yet to have had a proper interview with the department. And what is so ironic is this…some applicants born in the Bahamas seeking status are being turned around, but this “special crew” has been granted status by the Minister breaching the systems of protocol that are required. Something must be wrong with this and it is a danger to the national security of the Bahamas and by extension the Security of the United States of America!”

Officers expressing serious concerns to BP said something must be done to make sure that our security is not compromised by the actions of the Administration!

Meanwhile, talk within the department is that the Minnis Administration is considering replacing all senior trained and experienced officers within the top rank of the Immigration Department with retired, inexperienced police officers. WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?

Police officers have no training in Immigration matters. They have no knowledge of the procedures and protocols in vetting potential terrorists seeking to enter the Bahamas from countries of high security risks.  And they have no training in the necessary skills to run the Department of Immigration. What kind of foolishness is this now being proposed at Immigration?

Just Sunday the Minnis Government approved the Prince George Wharf Management Company, which has its roots deep inside Turkey. Anyone who knows anything about Turkey should know that it is the point of access for home grown terror and a transshipment point for known terrorists out of the Middle East.

Some 90% of the persons who traverse the Wharf are American guests to the country. Is the United States of America in agreement with this secret deal now approved by the Minnis Government? Will America leave the security of its citizens in the hands of a Turkish based operation? What in da hell is this?!

Anyway, 3,000 permits have been approved at Immigration without due process by the Minister for Immigration. How in da hell that happened?

We report yinner decide!


  1. Never mind immigration customs etc they have always been slack at best and we boated to the Bahamas way back. The MOST demanding problem is CRIME ! Until and unless you have a government and police chief absolutely adamant on curtailing corruption and crime especially violent crime towards visitors,etc. Bahams faces a grim and im future ! It is a small island country and there is NO acceptable reason or excuse WHY the powers in charge can’t STOP that crime !

    Every government elected promises to combat serious crime but doesn’t STOP it !

    If politicians absolutely GURANTEE to combat crime as #1 priority the Bahamas will again appeal as a safe destination for visitors and investors which at present it is NOT !

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