Opposition Leader’s Office on Parliament Street broken into by a number of persons who gained access with the help of a Cabinet Office Staff member on Junkanoo Morning!


Who in the Cabinet Office gave the staffer access to the Opposition Leader’s Office in the wee hours of the morning?

The BayParl Building which houses the working Office of the Leader of The Opposition.

Nassau – Police must be called to investigate how a Cabinet Office staffer broke into the Leader of the Opposition’s Bayparl Building Office along with others without the knowledge the Leader or his staff.

Bahamas Press is learning the staffer broke into the Opposition Leader’s Office on Parliament Street during the Boxing Day Parade and gained access into the Official Office along with several others without any permission.

The incident is the latest in a breakdown in the national life of the country and certainly in the security of the country’s leading opposing voice.

Who gave the staffer from the Cabinet Office orders to break and enter is the great mystery which can only be answered by the nation’s MOST HONOURABLE EVER Prime Minister Dr. The Hon. Hubert Alexander Minnis! And we believe the latest breach is an incident where the police must get involved!

Did the Cabinet Secretary give the Cabinet Office staffer keys to access the building in the wee hour of the morning, and, if yes, for what ungodly reason?

And why would that staffer gain access into the office without any permission of the functioning staff or holder of the Opposition Office? WHAT IS THIS?

More importantly, what may have been and possibly could have been planted inside the Opposition Leader’s Office at the time of the break-in? These are questions that must be answered and addressed!

Bahamas Press understands an official complaint on the matter has been filed with the Prime Minister, and yet, the staffer remains in the government employ! And the matter never referred to the police by his bosses! Why?

Who else was given keys into the building and to do what in the wee hours of the morning without the permission of expressed consent of the Opposition Leader? This is a national security serious and dangerous breach! Imagine one of BP’s staff sitting up in the Office Of the Prime Minister in the wee hours of the morning scanning files. Would if no one would act on that if caught?

We at Bahamas Press believe the Commissioner of Police and TOP COP in the country, Mr Anthony Ferguson, must engage his best team to look into this latest breach in the National Security of the Nation’s Leading Opposition voice and take charge of these irregularities, misdeeds and wrongdoings that are prevalent in the country. You cannot run a democracy like this!

Crime is down – but people could BREAK INTO THE OPPOSITION Leader’s office on bigtime Parliament Street with the permission of someone in the Cabinet Room and nothing said? WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS? THE NIXON ERA, REPEATED?

We report yinner decide!