Small roaches takeover kitchen in the Office of the PM!

Roaches take over kitchen in OPM!

Nassau – A shocking BP investigation has uncovered a roach infestation deep inside the Office of The Prime Minister in a kitchen just adjacent to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Now, this one concerns us deeply as this has nothing to do with the PM but the nasty crew brought into the OPM following the 2017 General Election.

Sources deep in the OPM tell us a serious extermination exercise must be carried out to properly treat the dangerous infestation, which is the result of outright pure nastiness!

“If you open a bag of sugar, then turn around to collect a spoon somewhere, around a million to two million of the critters immediately come out of hiding. If you wait long enough, they will start making tea!” a staff at the OPM told BP.

Or, perhaps, if you turn your back to put sugar in ya tea… the roaches probably drink half or are sunbathing in the warm water, doing the backstroke.

This level of nastiness is indeed shocking and incredible! From the way this sounds, it appears that some cleaning contract has not been renewed! What is this!?

Meanwhile like most government building mould has employees sick; some with serious respiratory issues.

Meanwhile, we put this advisement to all guests visiting the OPM – including IMF officials who were in the capital on Tuesday:  avoid eating in the building! Seeing that the building is now suffering from poor sanitation practices and needs an immediate sterilization /extermination exercise to rid the kitchen of the million plus small roaches – we advise all eating and trafficking of food be banned from the building until further notice.

We report yinner decide!