Police still have yet to confirm how did the individual found dead in bushes in late December met their death?! Was that victim missing man Marvin Pratt?


Family of missing Marvin Pratt still holding out hope for his return

Marvin Pratt last seen being taken into police custody has not been seen since. Where is he?

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The family members of 40-year-old Marvin Pratt are still holding on to hope.

They believe that their missing relative is still alive, and they are still holding firm to their allegations that members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force arrested Pratt last month and would therefore have some information about his whereabouts.

It’s a claim that top officials of the RBPF have vehemently denied.

Pratt’s relatives claimed that he was allegedly arrested by officers of the Central Detective Unit (CDU) last month on December 5, but he never made contact with his family and was never charged before the court.

Police officials have since claimed that there was no record of Pratt’s arrest and the family was urged by authorities to file a missing persons report. Meanwhile sometime in late December police did discovered a body of a man in bushes in New Providence, but never revealed the identity or cause of death of that deceased individual.

Pratt’s cousin, Weniscka Rigby, who spoke on behalf of Pratt’s family, said the family’s latest attempt find Marvin Pratt led his mother, Barbara Saunders, to make a trip to the morgue at the Princess Margaret Hospital to search for her son’s body.

Her efforts, however, were futile.

Pratt had served time previously in prison on drug related matters.

Where is Marvin Pratt? Meanwhile an article in the morning daily Tribune suggested that a second person saw him inside the Central Detective Unit on December 8th.

He said he identified Mr Pratt because the pair “go way back” and were students together at AF Adderley High School.

“He could be walking at night and I would know him,” he said. “I know him like a brother.”

“I saw (officers) carrying him in the backroom. He was handcuffed. My girlfriend was in the lobby area when Barbara Saunders (Mr Pratt’s mother) came asking for him. I got out that same day.”

He claimed two men carried Mr Pratt to what seemed to be the cell block, a “stubby” officer and a “slim” officer, both wearing plain clothes.

He said he saw Mr Pratt for about ten seconds. He said he was handcuffed to a bench downstairs in CDU when he saw Mr Pratt around 9pm that night. He claimed Mr Pratt looked beaten and disoriented.

“He looked like he was out of it, like he wanted to die right there and then if you ask me,” the man said.

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