Oswald Brown Questions statements by the DPM Brent Symonette


Minister in charge of Citizenship, Brent Symonette.

Nassau, Bahamas — Listening to Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette, the Minister with responsibility for Immigration, speak at his press conference today (as reported by ZNS) he must really think the Bahamian people a total fools.

In refuting claims that the FNM government is wholesaling citizenships to Haitian nationals for political reasons, he denied that the number of citizenships granted was anywhere near the number cited in The Punch and on Steve McKinney’s HARD COPY radio talk show. Don’t you think that Brent, as the Minister with responsibility for immigration, should have verified just how much citizenship have been handed out, if he claims the estimates that The Punch and Steve McKinney mentioned were incorrect? Certainly, he is in the position to KNOW what the true numbers are and he should have had those numbers available at his press conference.

Another thing that also bothered me was his claim that some temporary jobs were created to deal with the backlog of cases of immigrants seeking citizenship. When he mentioned that the temporary workers included “a college graduate,” I wondered exactly what he meant by this condescending remark. Was he suggesting that the “college graduate” was more intelligent than the other temporary workers? If that’s the case, then, on a matter as important as this, why didn’t they hire all college graduates? Heaven knows that thanks to this worthless and uncaring FNM government, there are many college graduates who are unemployed in this country. But, I suppose, this was meant to impress us that the government is seriously attempting to clear up the backlog of applications for citizenship.

Oswald Brown

Keep in mind that this was a “top priority” of the FNM when they won the election in 2007. The then Minister in charge of immigration, Elma Campbell, who is now the country’s ambassador to China, was very vocal in the press about the desire of the government to regularize those persons in the country who were entitled to citizenship.

Now some four years later this is still a “top priority” of this FNM government? What utter nonsense. Clearly, the only reason why there is now a mad rush to grant citizenships to as many Haitian nationals as possible is because the FNM believes this will help them win the next election.

Reports are that many of these new citizenships have been granted in Abaco, presumably because Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham finds himself faced with the strongest opposition he has had in political career. But while this political chicanery may help him in Abaco, it will not help the FNM nationally. The Bahamian people have had enough of his dictatorial leadership and they will demonstrate their displeasure in the next election by voting this worthless, uncaring, vindictive FNM government out of power.


  1. It shows that this Symonette character does not care about anything. lol @ trying to make the point that there was a “college graduate” amongst the secret team on the fourth floor at Immigration.

    I still have a problem with this man raking in 200+ mil of monies borrowed that we the Bahamian public are paying back, he gets to comfortable wisk it away in his “children’s funds” and he sees nothing wrong with that.
    Let me make this point: If some poor soul goes to the bank, borrows $230,000 to purchase land and build a home, the contractor gets the bulk portion of those proceeds to build the home. Could you imagine your house not getting built or taking forever to build, then the contractor tells you, “mann das your problem, I had to secure at least $200,000 from YOUR money to transfer to my lil nappy head kids bank account… things tuff so I had to short you some blocks for the garage, you need some cheaper windows cause this een ga be enough, you can get one front door but I don’t think we can put in a back door… and the pool? lol what pool?”

    How would that make you feel public?

    Back to this immigration thing, I think we are on the brink of destruction. We simply don’t know who is coming in or what is coming in our borders. Why can’t we set up a base and work along with the Haitian government in North Haiti where these sloops are leaving those villages to depart for our shores?
    Why can’t we set up that unfinished building at Coral Harbour Defense Force Base… let’s put a building like that in Inagua, get some more boats and build more living quarters to house more marines down there in Mayaguana and Inagua so that we can plug the leak where these drug runners and sloops are navigating through?

    Bahamians must understand and come to a realization that 9 million Haitians is alot of people. Alot. Not all of them want to come here, but i’m certain that even a low end figure like 1 million here by 2018 will be a killer for the Bahamas if we continue to leave our borders unchallenged!

  2. Speaking about immigration, can someone tell me why we have so many expat workers at Nova Scotia? I was at a cocktail reception to welcome the new expat Managing Director and if I didn’t see Atlantis I could have easily been in Canada! I spoke with a few of them and they are totally out of touch with the local market! It’s no wonder Nova Scotia does not command the lead in the financial world. By the way Symonette was there as well!


  4. from this man was mix up in all kind of corruption at the airport what can u expect is father wasn’t no better i told y’all this FNM will bring bahamians to they knees.

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