Passport Office in lockdown as power supply is cut



Nassau, Bahamas — As the country slips into the worse crime crisis in 100 years, BP can confirm the power supply is off at the Passport Offices on Thompson Blvd.

We have learned there was no diesel in the generator and like the people of Abaco the most sensitive department in all the government is once again suffering UNDER the heavy hand of HUBERT MUGABE INGRAHAM and his band of shameless men and women.

BP can confirm scores of applicants were turned away from the office today tempers flared. Brent Symonette showed up and the people screamed, “Where is the [EXPLETIVE] the Diesel?”

You would remember the offices were ransacked and robbed of $7,500 last month.


  1. What is so sad is this is basic stuff! How hard is it to keep the generator fueled? How hard is it to make sure a building is secure? Especially when that building is so important.

    I don’t think this is a Hubert Ingraham problem but a Bahamian problem. We have a huge problem with work ethic in this country.

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