Who is the Baby Daddy?


Who is the Baby daddy? Former Belly dancer at Sin City South Africa.


  1. Thank you Krossova your commentary is kind, however, you should have heard what the Pillsbury had to say about us. It is he who has brought us to his pig pen.


    • BP keep it up…I am tired of things being swept under the rug in this country to protect the well to do and the “Honourable” ministers, who we ALL know have some of the most perverted behaviour. We need your investigative reporting even if it comes accross as sleaze (the truth that the other media refuse to report).

  2. ahhh well! BP has a new image, looks nice, by the way. but you just can’t help yourself with the gutter and sleazy reporting. just what the Bahamas need. boy I tell ya!

    • Yea. I guess that is why you keep reading hey? And I wonder what kinds of adjectives you would use to describe these WUTLESS TOILET PAPERS??? Hmmmmm?


      • I continue to read because I am convinced you could do better, that you could raise the level of journalism in this country. I believe,informed journalist with investigative skills are lacking big time in this country.

        I also believe, based on what I’ve read here that you have the capacity to fill that void to make a serious and meaningful contribution to our nation and the region.

        But you seem to find comfort in, what mamma call ” da muck and da mire” of throwing filth and trying to destroy persons name.

        you could do better, I believe that with my whole heart. and that is why I keep coming back.

        I look forward to it.

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