The Barbarians are at the GATE! Tommy Must RESIGN NOW!


Nassau, Bahamas — Like a chicken without a head Tommy Turnquest has lost his last jar of marbles and could be heard on national radio screaming in frustration on Wendall Jones Show ‘Issues of the Day’ on Wednesday.

“MY NAME IS TOMMY TURNQUEST” he said, shaking like a reed as if some bandit, many of whom are reeking havoc all over the country, was holding a gun to his head.

With his throat cracking at times and his vocals trembling at the sound of every vowel, the now defeated minister of national security was all but short trying to tell Wendall Jones to stop callers from calling into his show. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

The very minister who gloated over OPENING AND FREEING the airways this week took to the airways to tell an independent broadcaster how to run his show before an already angry mob of national listeners. Those listeners are sick and tired of the silence and paralytic state of the government to tackle crime. They are fed up with the constant bloody trail of violence, mayhem, cold heartless murdering, vicious raping, barbaric maiming, bestial ‘jookin’, heinous stabbings and villainous daylight robberies; by many repeat offenders released on bail back into the society since 2008. The country is under SIEGE!

Crime in the country has surged to an all time high where it has become so bad last week members of the public were just short of almost ‘cussin’ the new Commissioner of Police, telling him ‘Hush UP!’ And in a bold move even FNMs have join the chorus in telling the failed Minister to, “GO AND GO NOW!”

Turnquest was one of the trio who went to South Africa and has yet to report to the public or suggest why he was there. We know there were visits to half naked belly dancers while in South Africa, and we are told an African woman is now claiming that a high-ranking Bahamian official left her impregnated with an Afro/Bahamian child. Hmmmmm!

When Justice Rhonda Bain was wrestled to the ground by a Rwandan Style Gangster and became a victim of crime outside the Scotia Bank on East Bay Street, where was Tommy’s voice?

Justice Neville Adderley

When Justice K. Neville Adderley’s home was ransacked with more than $200,000 worth of stolen items were taken by thugs out of his secure Lyford Cay home where was Tommy’s voice? He said not a DAMN WORD ABOUT THE INCIDENT?

When ILLEGAL military ultrasonic speakers were located in the garage of a home in Point House, Lyford Cay, WHERE IN THE HELL WAS TOMMY’s VOICE? He couldn’t find a mic much less a radio station to talk about crime then.

Where was the voice of TOMMY TURNQUEST, the minister of national security, when THUGS vandalized robbed the BAHAMIAN Passport Office out of $7,500 and its vehicle? The Passport Office holds the most sensitive information of almost every citizen in the country and Pro Tech Security firm failed to secure that property from bandits. That security contract has yet to be terminated. ‘BOY WE JOKIE EH?’

Where was the minster charged to whip crime under control when the Supreme Court of the Bahamas was vandalize and ransacked by lawless, organize crime gangsters?

WHERE IN THE HELL WAS TOMMY’S VOICE when the rampage continued at the Nassau Street Court Complex, then at two locations at Bahamasair sales offices [UNDETERMINED WAS STOLEN], at First Caribbean Bank [OVER $20,000 WAS STOLEN], and at the Department of Immigration where some $6,500 of public money vanished in thin air by BANDITS? Where was Tommy?

He said not a DAMN WORD to ALL THESE INCIDENTS! We at BP would not be so hard on Tommy had he not claim he would eliminate crime. We would not be so hard on him had he taken our warning in 2007 and resign from the office; for rooted thugs need men with spine and we know Tommy’s spine is brittle.

Moreso, since Jones show was not loud enough, Tommy decided to repeat his flopped performance on Steve McKinney’s Show, Hard Copy, as the host talked about the WUTLESS STATE of CRIME AND LAWLESSNESS IN THE BAHAMAS! The Minister of Broadcasting [TOMMY TURNQUEST] who is set this week to FIRE scores of workers at ZNS, could be heard again telling Mr. McKinney to tone the message down. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Has Tommy felt the heat of BP YET?

As we said with Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ BETHEL WE NOW SAY TO TOMMY TURNQUEST! WE SHALL LAY A VICIOUS CUT_YOU_KNOW_WHAT ON YOUR political career until you resign from office or opt for the people to throw you out of the Cabinet.





  1. What the gov’t needs to do is pay the top attorneys like Wayne Munroe and Murio Ducille(who run circles around our judges and get the criminasl off) to work in the prosecutor’s office. If we can spend millions to fix the same roads over and over, we can invest in tackling the crime problem by hiring the best minds and PAYING then their worth.

  2. Peole are blaming Tommy but the real blame rest with Hubert. Hubiggety is a decisive leader or so he is when firing Steve Mckinney, police officers or attempting to fire air traffic controllers etc. But where is his decisiveness when it comes to harden criminals. The only piece of law that Papa initiated is to reduce the jury size. He called Perry wutless for the amount of persons out on bail and yet he has done nothing to stem the flow. Why no one in the media asked him about this fact. Think of how the deceased Tim russert would have questioned him. He would play Papa back his comments that he made and then reveal the current statistics of felons out on bail and asked what has he done about it after almost 4 years back in office. When i think of decisive leaders I think of Rudy Guliani who cleaned up new york from crime relatively speaking and not this menacing short man when it comes to civil servants but a poodle when it comes to criminals.

  3. HELL-O YA’LL….. How could Mr Tommy Turnquest be the cause for crime in our country. We need to start with us, who buy [stolen] items for cheap knowing what the actual price should be, who stop on the side of the street to buy phone cards from illegal persons in the country, who pay the Public servant for quick service. Those of us who don’t wnat to wait in line in The Bahamas, but when we go to Wal-Mart, we’ll wait however long it takes and don’t complain. We bring up little criminal when we allow our children to play in the streets on sundays and don’t take them to church. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it, maybe he’ll stray but he’ll remember. so please people let us stop blaming crime on the FNM, cause when the PLP was in there was crime TOOOOOOO……..

  4. For just being stupid Tommy should resign.This nincompoo told Bahamians last year 2009 when he was releasing the cream of the crop from the Police Force that more efficiency would result from this ill advised move.Now all hell is breaking loose in our country and those whom nincompoo promoted are all breaking under the pressure and he has no where to hide.For gross incompetence the Minister should resign and apologise to the Bahamian people for causing them much sleepless nights due to his partisan approach on fighting criminals.Any baby could have told the nincompoo Minister that you do not throw away experience just to appease the criminals in the FNM.Many FNMs did not agree eith the method used by nincompoo but kept silent for party unity.Well,lets see who is silent now as every ill advised move the Govt made is now haunting them.Each time nincompoo screams on radio criminals laugh as his voice could not even scare a new born baby.Ain,t nobody checking the nincompoo as he is not convincing.PAPA retiring and he intends to take nincompoo with him.

  5. The Urban Renewal and education, etc., will take a generation or more to bear fruit. What can be done now? I say suspend rights and allow troublemakers to be held for 90 days without charge. The Human Rights folk will raise hell, but what else can be done that will not take 30 years? Lock everyone up who are on bail or are known troublemakers on weekends, and let them out on Monday. Lock them up before the holidays and especially around Christmas time.

    • @Thomas Finley, one of the greatest misconceptions is that everybody accused or arrested is guilty. Everybody deserves fair and just treatment. what it comes down to is proper execution of their jobs as police officers.

      Despite what we’re dealing with here, its not near as bad as in some other places. I have never been in trouble with the law but i have witnessed first hand their corruption and know that if we give them free reign on our society, things will get much much worst.

      In addition, I don’t have faith in them giving up that power once they ever get it. watch the following video to see what you propose for our society

    • Urban renewal was working and the International awards prove that other law enforcement agencies worldwide recognised it as a resource tool for fighting Crime.It was not perfect according to other sources but was a step in the right direction.Taking away human rights as you suggest is not the right direction to go.Quick fixes are nowhere to be found but at least social programs involving communities was providing dividends.I just hope you were not one of those who advised this Govt to scrap Urban Renewal,but from your strong objection to its re-implementation I think your conscience is begging you to apologise for your insane objections to its existence.By the way,what has happened to Neighborhood Policing?

  6. The issue of crime is definitely not a Tommy Turnquest problem. I think we blame everyone for crime except the ciminals. One aspect of the crime issue we often over look is the fact that the US are deporting nationals from the caribbean who had serve time in their institutions. Many of these harden criminals returned home well verse in the art of ciminality. For much of our law enforcement agencies these mis-fits brings new and sometime innovating techniques to criminal behaviour that often challenges our crime fighting resources. Crime is a serious problem and there’s enough blame to go around.

  7. @Thomas Finley, i don’t think the country needs to be locked down to stop crime. We are on a precipice but we’re not there just yet.

    What we need is true leadership and vision,something that’s been lacking in our government for the last 20 years. We need to address the following

    1. Courts
    2. Police
    3. Prisons
    4. Youth & Education

    crime is a complex problem that requires a complex solution. there are no easy answers. What is so scary right now is how completely clueless/helpless authorities seem. And thats why Tommy has to g

  8. @Thomas Finley, i don’t think the country needs to be locked down to stop crime. We are on a precipice but we’re not there just yet.

    What we need is true leadership and vision,something that’s been lacking in our government for the last 20 years. We need to address the following

    1. Courts
    2. Police
    3. Prisons
    4. Youth & Education

    crime is a complex problem that requires a complex solution. there are no easy answers. What is so scary right now is how completely clueless/helpless authorities seem. And thats why Tommy has to go.

  9. So media, you wrote what you think the answer is not. Why don’t you tell your readers what is the answer? What does the PLP believe should be done? If you write Urban Renewal, I will pull the wings off of some butterflies!!!

    • Well you know Findley soon we will lay the solutions but in the meantime look in the Tribune and see if you see any yet? Ot Better yet have you heard of any from the Minister?


  10. OMG, Asking for Tommy to resign is not the answer to crime. We have to all play a role. However, it is high time that the government take some unusual measures that will reduce the civil rights of Bahamians. For to long we have accepted criminals getting away with small crimes and turning our eyes to it.

    The government as a matter of national emergency must impose serious crack downs which will also include breaking up of young men sitting on the blocks as well.

    • Have you thought about inviting him to stay is NOT the answer either. Had this been any minister they would have been FIRED LONG TIME, what is so special about this BIG of FAILURE?


  11. I agree with you mr Finley,you will have to take a hard approach and you are right alot of innocent people are going to get caught up in it,but something needs to be done immediately,people are tired of forums and meetings they want action,and you cant blame them,the police are doing a good job but the courts fail them.

  12. The only way to reduce crime is to suspend rights and lock down the country. Is that what Bahamians want? Be careful what you ask for because there were have to be some killings and cracking of heads, and some innocents will get caught up…

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